Looking for a wide range of recipes to make your Cinco de Mayo celebration even more special? Look no further! Our round-up post features over 33+ delicious recipes, including appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Mexican cuisine or new and exciting variations, we have something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Get ready to impress your guests and make this Cinco de Mayo a memorable one with our extensive collection of recipes!

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I’ve rounded up some of my favorite recipes below that would be wonderful to enjoy on May 5th. Choose from a fresh Black Bean and Corn Salsa to Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas to Taco Salad and so much more. And of course, you can keep this list handy so you can make these spicy and flavorful dishes all year around.

For the fifth, you could make a few of dips, a casserole or two, and some fresh fish tacos. Serve it all buffet-style with homemade guacamole and a few salsas for extra flavor. A big bowl of corn tortilla chips, either white or blue or a mix, is a must. And don’t forget the margaritas!

What Does Cinco de Mayo Celebrate?

Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexican Independence Day – that’s commemorated each year on September 16 – but instead honors the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It’s a smaller holiday in Mexico that has evolved in North America into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage on the fifth of May each year. And what better way to celebrate the rich traditions of our southern neighbor than through food?

Recipes to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

I’ve organized the recipes below by appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts so you can easily find something for everyone.


bean dip in a white dish

Dips are the absolute best appetizer I can think of, and you can serve them with warm, fresh tortillas or a huge bowl of crunchy, salty tortilla chips (or both!). Or try my Taco Pinwheels, which are loaded with spicy beef and a cinch to put together.

1. Refried Bean Dip

Refried beans, sour cream, cream cheese and spices are blended together and served warm for the ultimate cheesy dip! You will definitely need a pile of tortillas for this one.

Refried Bean Dip
This easy, creamy bean dip is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Made with refried beans, sour cream, cream cheese, and Tex-Mex spices, it’s served warm from the oven with melted cheddar on top.
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2. Black Bean and Corn Salsa

I really love this take on salsa – the fresh corn goes so well with citrusy lime juice and other fresh vegetables. It will be a hit with crispy tortilla chips!

Overhead shot of Black Bean and Corn Salsa in bowl with tortilla chips
Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Corn and Black Bean Salsa takes your typical salsa-and-chips appetizer to the next level. Instead of a sad, watery tomato-based salsa, this recipe is made with black beans, corn, and fresh vegetables, all tossed together with zesty lime juice. Perfect for picnics, backyard barbecues, or even school lunches!
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3. Easy 4-Layer Fiesta Dip

This fiesta dip takes four layers of salsa, taco-seasoned sour cream, cheese, olives, and green onions for a spicy and decadent appetizer.

Easy 4-Layer Fiesta Dip
This 4-Layer Fiesta Dip combines salsa, taco-seasoned sour cream, cheddar cheese, olives, and green onions for the perfect Tex-Mex snack!
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4. Taco Dip

Take all the flavors your love about tacos and make them into a dip! Baby carrots and slices of fresh bell peppers are perfect for scooping up this taco dip.

Taco Dip
This easy taco dip is going to be the hit of your next party! Sour cream and cream cheese are combined with lime juice and taco seasonings, then layered with your favorite taco toppings.
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5. Queso Dip

It’s so easy to make queso dip – so go right ahead and plan to make this one on Cinco de Mayo! Plus it tastes so much better than store-bought, and you can garnish it with chopped cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, or anything else you like.

Queso Dip
Queso dip is the ultimate appetizer for cheese lovers everywhere! Infused with Tex-Mex flavors, this homemade queso dip is easy to make and perfect for a party.
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6. Corn Dip

Yes, more cheese! You’ll love this creamy corn dip that’s packed with yummy cheese and Mexican spices.

Corn Dip
This creamy corn dip is loaded with big Tex-Mex flavors, sweet corn, and lots of cheese. It’s a crowd-pleasing snack for game day, backyard barbecues, and more!
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7. Taco Pinwheels

You can serve these taco pinwheels as a hearty appetizer or even as dinner! Take store-bought crescent roll dough and load it with seasoned ground beef and cheese for a taco-inspired treat.

Taco Pinwheels
Taco pinwheels are the perfect party starter, but they’re just as good for a weeknight dinner! Seasoned ground beef and cheese are rolled up into fluffy crescent roll dough, then finished with all your favorite taco toppings.
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8. Cheesy Taco Sticks

You can dip these taco sticks into one of the dips I’ve mentioned above, or just enjoy them plain. They are plenty flavorful just on their own, with lots of familiar taco seasoning to keep things interesting.

taco sticks stuffed with beef and cheese cut in half on white plate
Cheesy Taco Sticks
Ready in just 30 minutes and perfect for dipping in all your favorite Mexican restaurant-style dips and salsas, these mouthwatering cheesy taco bites are a fun twist on your Taco Tuesday classic.
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9. Taco Ring

This is a show-stopper of an appetizer! Seasoned taco meat and cheese is tucked into buttery crescent roll dough and piled with your favorite taco toppings! So good!

Taco Ring
Taco Ring is an easy party appetizer no one can resist! Seasoned taco meat and cheese is tucked into buttery crescent roll dough, then served with your favorite taco toppings!
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Main Dishes

shrimp tacos on a plate

These main dishes are so hearty and satisfying, you’ll want to make them all year long. But they’re especially good on Cinco de Mayo. There’s a variety of options including several baked, cheesy casseroles as well as juicy shrimp tacos that are on the lighter. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas are slow-cooked with for hours in a blend of Mexican-inspired spices and citrus juice until they become tender and ultra flavorful. Use them as a base for burritos, soft tacos, and more.

slow cooker pork carnitas
Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas
Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas are slow-cooked with for hours with a blend of Mexican inspired spices and citrus juice to become tender and full of flavor!
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2. Burrito Casserole

This burrito casserole is made with juicy, Tex-Mex-flavored beef that’s layered with flour tortillas and lots of delicious cheese. It takes 20 minutes or less to make!

Burrito Casserole
This burrito casserole is made with juicy, Tex-Mex flavored beef then layered with flour tortillas and a secret ingredient that makes the whole dish irresistible. The best part is that you can make the whole burrito casserole in less than twenty minutes!
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3. Crockpot Chicken Fajitas

Crockpot your way to a Mexican-inspired dinner with these chicken fajitas. You can customize it however you like – but don’t skip the lime wedges alongside!

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas
This crockpot chicken fajitas recipe takes a Tex-Mex favorite and makes it even easier by cooking it in a slow cooker! It’s a kid-friendly dinner that can be customized to your family’s tastes, so everyone will love it.
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4. John Wayne Casserole

Here’s another of my favorite casseroles, that piles layers of taco-seasoned ground beef, veggies, cheese, and a creamy sauce over a biscuit dough base. It’s utterly irresistible.

john wayne casserole in a casserole dish
John Wayne Casserole
John Wayne casserole is a Tex-Mex inspired casserole that layers taco-seasoned ground beef, veggies, cheese, and a creamy sauce over a biscuit dough base. It’s destined to become a family favorite!
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5. Taco Spaghetti

This one-skillet meal is so hearty and satisfying. Take everything you love about tacos, fold it into spaghetti, add lots of hot sauce, and dig in!

Taco Spaghetti
This one-skillet Taco Spaghetti is hearty, flavorful, and perfect for tonight's dinner! Take everything you love about tacos, fold it into spaghetti rather than taco shells, add lots of hot sauce, and dig in!
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6. Taco Stuffed Shells

Stuffed shells get elevated with spiced ground beef and cool sour cream for a Mexican take on an Italian classic.

Taco Stuffed Shells
This taco stuffed shells recipe stuffs the best taco filling into tender, easy to eat pasta shells. Kids and adults are going to love this fun, easy to make meal.
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7. Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Juicy shrimp are marinated with lime juice, garlic, and spices, then grilled to perfection and tucked into soft tortillas with a creamy sauce. Taco Tuesday never looked so good!

Grilled Shrimp Tacos
These grilled shrimp tacos will be your new favorite Taco Tuesday dinner! Juicy shrimp are marinated with lime juice, garlic, and spices, then grilled to perfection and tucked into soft tortillas with a creamy sauce.
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8. Fish Tacos

Fresh and flavorful fish tacos are sure to please. Plus they’re a little lighter than some of the other options on this list – seasoned white fish is wrapped in warm corn tortillas with a tangy crema, crunchy cabbage, and other favorite taco toppings.

Fish Tacos
These easy fish tacos pile seasoned white fish onto warm corn tortillas with a tangy crema, crunchy cabbage, and other favorite taco toppings. They're a healthy weeknight dinner the whole family will love!
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9. Shrimp Tacos

Another take on shrimp tacos, this simple yet delicious recipe is quick to make and will surely satisfy. Juicy shrimp is paired with raw cabbage and seasoned with cotija cheese and onion.

Shrimp Tacos
These shrimp tacos are an easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love! A healthier take on tacos, the shrimp are seasoned and topped with cabbage, thinly sliced onion, and salty cotija cheese.
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10. Walking Tacos

Chips plus taco toppings, what could be better? They’re called “walking tacos” for a reason – you can pile in the taco goodness and take this for a stroll. The chip bag will keep everything contained within. These are also great as fun party appetizers.

walking taco
Walking Tacos
Walking Tacos are an easy dinner recipe that takes minimal effort for a fun on-the-go meal, camping food, or taco bar party. Pile small chip bags high with all of your favorite taco toppings – meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and salsa!
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11. Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

The crockpot does most of the hard work in this recipe, which results in tender, flavorful chicken that’s perfect to fold into tacos. Top with lots of spicy salsa.

plate of slow cooker chicken tacos
Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos
Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos are one of the best easy chicken meals around!  With just 4-ingredients tossed into the slow cooker, you can't go wrong! 
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12. Pulled Pork Tacos

Pulled pork is wonderful in tacos when you want to try something different. Make a fresh tomato and cilantro salsa to serve on top, and be generous with the avocado slices.

pork tacos in the slow cooker
Pulled Pork Tacos
Don't miss out on these pulled pork tacos!
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13. Fish Tacos with Jalapeno Mango Slaw

The spicy mango slaw really makes this recipe stand out! The fish is a neutral base that holds up well to the juicy fruit and crisp onion. You won’t want to miss this one!

Fish Tacos with Jalapeno Mango Slaw View Recipe

14. King Ranch Chicken Casserole

I love a good casserole and this one is no exception. It takes everything I love about Tex-Mex, and turns it into a homey, cheesy casserole that is hearty and nourishing.

King Ranch Chicken Casserole
King Ranch Chicken Casserole has it all! It’s creamy, full of Tex-Mex flavor, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. There’s a reason this easy casserole recipe is so popular!
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15. Chicken Tortilla Soup

This one-bowl meal is so satisfying! Loaded with shredded chicken and black beans, this soup is all you need to make a celebratory Cinco de Mayo meal. Make sure to top with crispy tortilla strips and have more tortilla chips and guacamole on the table.

Chicken Tortilla Soup
This Chicken Tortilla Soup is hearty, satisfying, and full of bold Tex-Mex flavors! With plenty of shredded chicken and black beans, it’s a soup that’s worthy of a meal—and everyone will love the crispy tortilla strip topping!
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Side Dishes

mexican rice in a skillet

These side dishes go so well with the mains listed above! Or make several side dishes and dips, add lots of crispy tortilla chips, and you’ll be all set for your own Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

1. Mexican Cauliflower Rice

You could make this cauliflower rice as a side or as a lighter dinner, you decide! It’s full of tasty seasonings, hearty ground beef, and healthy veggies.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice
This amazing Mexican cauliflower rice is full of tasty seasonings, hearty ground beef, and lots of healthy veggies. It is the perfect one-pot dinner that you can feel good about eating.
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2. Mexican Corn

Elotes, or Mexican street corn, takes charred grilled corn and tosses it with a creamy, spicy sauce, cotija cheese, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. This is my take on it, and it is utterly delicious.

Mexican Corn
Mexican corn is also known as elotes or Mexican street corn, but whatever you call it, it's delicious! Charred grilled corn is tossed with a creamy, spicy sauce, cotija cheese, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 
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3. Taco Salad

Ground beef, taco seasonings, and fresh vegetables make up this taco salad. Put a big bowl on the table and let everyone help themselves!

taco salad in a white bowl
Taco Salad
Taco salad is the best kind of salad! With seasoned ground beef, cheese, and avocado, it’s a satisfying meal that’s packed with flavor and sure to fill you up!
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4. Doritos Taco Salad

Yes, you read that right – we’re adding doritos to taco salad and we have no regrets. This is a crowd-pleaser, and because there are some veggies in it we can still call it a salad. Your kids will love this!

ingredients for doritos taco salad served in a glass round bowl
Doritos Taco Salad
This easy, cheesy Doritos Taco Salad recipe is one of those rare salads that kids will actually want to eat! Meal prep + keto options.
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sopapilla cheesecake bars

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite desserts that would be perfect to finish off a Cinco de Mayo celebration, starting with sopapilla cheesecake bars, which have their origins south of the border. Or try a creamy coconut cake or a pineapple cake. Whichever on you choose to make, I know you won’t be disappointed.

1. Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars

Take crescent rolls and top them with cream cheese filling and lots of sweet cinnamon sugar for a Mexican-inspired dessert. These are hard to resist, and why should you?

sopapilla cheesecake bars
Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars
Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars are layers of crescent rolls, with a cream cheese filling and topped with a cinnamon sugar crust for an easy dessert.
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2. Coconut Tres Leches Cake

A “three milk” cake that’s infused with coconut for creamy sweetness – yes please! This super flavorful, tender cake is sure to make everyone happy.

Coconut Tres Leches Cake
This recipe for Coconut Tres Leches Cake will hit the ultimate coconut sweet spot! Moist vanilla cake is infused with amazing coconut flavor that everyone will love.
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3. Pineapple Upside Down Dump Cake

The easiest pineapple upside-down dump cake, this cake is is sweet, fruity, and fluffy. I like to top it with dollops of homemade whipped cream or Cool Whip.

Pineapple Upside Down Dump Cake
This super easy pineapple upside down dump cake is sweet, fruity, and fluffy. It is the perfect cake to serve a crowd and makes a wonderful summer dessert.
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4. Coconut Cream Cake

Start with a box cake to keep things easy, and then up the ante with cream of coconut and sweetened shredded coconut for loads of coconut flavor. This coconut cream cake lives up to its name and then some.

Coconut Cream Cake
This vintage cake uses a box cake mix as the base – to keep it easy! It is then filled with cream of coconut and topped with Cool Whip and sweetened shredded coconut. It's one of the best easy cake recipes I know!!
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5. Coconut Cake

Another coconut cake, this classic, from-scratch coconut cake will make the perfect sweet ending to your Cinco de Mayo celebration. It makes enough for a crowd, or just stash the leftovers for yourself after the party’s over.

Coconut Cake
This classic coconut cake is an old-fashioned sheet cake made in a 9×13 inch pan. Making moist, rich coconut cake from scratch is super easy!
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