These 23+ easy banana desserts are sweet, simple, and easy to put together. If you love bananas, this recipe collection is for you!

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Bananas are one of the yummiest—and most affordable!—fruits, perfect for eating plain or folding into sweet treats. They’re so good in pudding, bread, cake, muffins, and more. If you love bananas, you’re going to love dressing them up for dessert! I’ve put together some of my best banana desserts below.

23+ Easy Banana Desserts

1. Chocolate Banana Pudding Bars

Chocolate plus banana is a classic flavor combo! These Chocolate Banana Pudding Bars feature layers of creamy sweetness balanced on a crisp cookie crust. And they’re made with easy pantry ingredients!

Chocolate Banana Pudding Bars
These decadent no-bake Chocolate Banana Pudding Bars use pantry ingredients and fresh bananas to create a truly special dessert!
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2. Homemade Banana Pudding

When you want something decadent and rich, make homemade banana pudding! This dessert takes a homemade, creamy pudding and adds lots of fresh banana slices and Nilla wafers. Perfect for potlucks or an after-school snack!

Homemade Banana Pudding
My classic homemade banana pudding is perfect for summer parties and backyard barbecues. No one can resist the layers of fresh bananas, vanilla wafers, and creamy pudding.
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3. Banana Pudding Poke Cake

I love making poke cakes—whatever filling you choose soaks into the cake, infusing it with delicious flavors, like strawberry or banana! This moist Banana Pudding Poke Cake uses sweet banana pudding to give it loads of banana flavor, and it’s topped with creamy whipped topping for a creamy finish.

Banana Pudding Poke Cake
This banana pudding-soaked Pudding Poke Cake doesn't disappoint! Layers of yellow cake, pudding, and creamy Cool Whip makes this a favorite.
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4. One Bowl Banana Bread

Simple banana bread is an essential recipe to have in your back pocket! This One Bowl Banana Bread needs, yes, just one bowl to make a wonderful brown sugar and cinnamon-spiced banana bread that’s perfect on cold mornings.

One Bowl Banana Bread
This one-bowl banana bread recipe is the easiest banana bread you will ever make. It is rich with brown sugar, warm cinnamon, and lots of sweet, ripe bananas.
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5. Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

If you love banana bread, add chocolate chips! I love throwing chocolate into banana treats, and these Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins don’t disappoint. They’re the perfect blend of chocolate and fruit.

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
These banana chocolate chip muffins will be the best way to start off your morning. The muffins are the perfect balance of sweetness.
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6. Strawberry Banana Bread

Amp up your classic banana bread with strawberries! This Strawberry Banana Bread recipe is so moist and flavorful from the lovely floral sweetness of the strawberries. Two favorite fruits combine in this delicious quick bread.

Strawberry banana bread with two slices cut.
Strawberry Banana Bread
This strawberry banana bread recipe is bursting with fresh fruit flavors. It is moist, sweet, and surprisingly easy to make.
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7. Banana Pudding Cookies

Easy Banana Pudding Cookies are made with store-bought banana pudding plus fresh bananas for a decadent treat. Add white chocolate chips for an extra pop of sweetness!

A plate of white chocolate chip banana pudding cookies.
Banana Pudding Cookies
These banana pudding cookies are chewy, soft, and baked with banana flavor!
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8. Banana Cream Pie

This classic recipe for Banana Cream Pie is sure to become a favorite! You can use banana pudding to help make this pie quickly, and you don’t even need to turn on the stove. It’s so creamy and rich!

Banana Cream Pie
This is the easiest banana cream pie recipe you’ll ever make! By using pudding mix, you can skip cooking the filling on the stovetop and still get that rich, creamy texture and banana flavor you love!
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9. Banana Split Pie

This Banana Split Pie is one of my favorite no-bake desserts! You’ll use instant banana pudding to make the filling and top it with juicy crushed pineapple, sliced bananas, and whipped topping for an at-home version of an ice cream parlor treat.

a slice a banana split pie on a plate
Banana Split Pie
Banana Split Pie? Yes! Because the only thing better than a banana split from your favorite ice cream shop is an easy, no-bake Banana Split Pie from your very own kitchen.
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10. Banana Pudding Cheesecake

Banana pudding, but make it cheesecake! This Banana Pudding Cheesecake bakes vanilla wafers into the creamy filling, and it’s all poured onto a delightfully crisp graham cracker crust. Think of a classic cheesecake but flavored with sweet banana pudding.

Banana Pudding Cheesecake
Banana pudding cheesecake is creamy and sweet, with vanilla wafers baked right into the mix. This delicious twist on classic banana pudding is totally irresistible! 
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11. Banana Split Cake

Another fantastic no-bake dessert, this Banana Split Cake layers a graham cracker cookie crust with a cream cheese-based filling, pineapples, whipped topping, and classic sundae toppings like nuts and cherries.

Banana Split Cake
Banana split cake has everything you love about the favorite frozen treat, all served up in the form of a creamy chilled cake!
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12. Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster is a classic dessert recipe in which you cook slices of banana in butter, brown sugar, and rum until caramelized. The bananas are ultra flavorful and perfect on top of vanilla ice cream, with whipped cream, or simply topped with toasted pecans!

Bananas Foster
This classic Bananas Foster recipe is full of rich flavor thanks to the butter, dark brown sugar, and rum. Crunchy pecans are the perfect contrast to tender, caramelized bananas. Spoon over ice cream for an amazing dessert!
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13. Pumpkin Banana Bread

Two of my favorite flavors, pumpkin and banana, combine in this easy and flavorful recipe for Pumpkin Banana Bread. You can add a little chocolate or nuts if you want more crunch,.

Pumpkin Banana Bread
Pumpkin Banana Bread is a mash-up of two favorite quick bread recipes for one amazingly moist, flavorful, perfectly spiced treat! 
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14. Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Speaking of chocolate, if you love banana bread, try it with more chocolate! This Double Chocolate Banana Bread is absolutely packed with chocolate, which is a perfect contrast to the sweet banana. Enjoy!

Double Chocolate Banana Bread
This Double Chocolate Banana Bread is moist and decadent, and best of all, it’s super easy to make!
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15. Old Fashioned Banana Cake

This from-scratch Old Fashioned Banana Cake is absolutely delicious served plain, or make it with the cream cheese frosting included in the post. A lovely cake for celebrations or every day.

slice of moist banana cake topped with frosting
Old Fashioned Banana Cake
This Homemade Old Fashioned Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is the most flavorful moist cake that is topped with an easy cream cheese frosting. Banana Cake a delicious twist on banana bread – perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
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16. Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This sheet pan Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting recipe is great for a crowd! A simple, super flavorful and moist cake is topped with a tangy cream cheese icing to balance the sweetness of the cake.

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is perfect for a party, celebration—or just because! The tangy, rich frosting is oh-so-perfect with the sweet banana cake.
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17. Sour Cream Banana Bread

Another reliable banana bread, this Sour Cream Banana Bread is so moist thanks to the sour cream in the batter. It’s amazing for breakfast, or tucked into school lunchboxes for a sweet snack!

Sour Cream Banana Bread
This Sour Cream Banana Bread recipe is the moistest banana bread you’ll ever have! Eat it as-is for breakfast or a snack, or dress it up for an easy dessert!
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18. Banana Bread Pudding

This easy bread pudding recipe is full of your favorite bread plus milk, sugar, cinnamon, and fresh bananas! Be sure to try the 3-ingredient homemade glaze to take this dish over the top.

Banana Bread Pudding in white bowl
Banana Bread Pudding
Banana Bread Pudding is where bread pudding meets banana bread in one warm, delicious dish! Perfect for an easy breakfast, weekend brunch, or dessert treat!
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19. Layered Banana Pudding

This classic Southern dessert takes minutes to make and is perfect for summer BBQs or parties! The cloud-like whipped topping, velvety smooth pudding layer, and Nilla wafers get melt-in-your-mouth soft after being layered with the pudding, making this no-bake dessert a standout. 

Layered Banana Pudding
This layered banana pudding recipe is a classic Southern dessert that’s always a crowd-pleaser! It’s creamy, full of flavor, and it takes minutes to make!
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20. Banoffee Pie

British Banoffee Pie is a favorite that layers sliced bananas with caramel-y dulce de leche and fluffy whipped cream in a cookie crust. It’s deceptively simple—it takes 20 minutes or less to make—but delivers a decadent result! This special recipe is a keeper.

Banoffee Pie
Banoffee pie is a British favorite that pairs sliced bananas with a layer of caramel-y dulce de leche and fluffy whipped cream. It’s easy to make and always a hit!
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21. Chocolate Chip Banana Bars

Chocolate Chip Banana Bars are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or a snack! They are delicious, filling, and your whole family will love them.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bars
Chocolate Chip Banana Bars are a simple & delicious ripe banana recipe that’s even better than banana bread! Great for breakfast, lunch and even dessert!
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22. Best Banana Pudding

Everyone needs a good banana pudding recipe in their repertoire — and this one makes by far the easiest, most delicious banana pudding you’ll ever come across.

Best Banana Pudding
This no-cook banana pudding recipe is easy to make and delicious layered with vanilla wafers and slices of banana.
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23. Banana Magic Cake

This easy Banana Cake is not called ‘MAGIC’ for nothing! When you mix together eggs, sugar, flour, butter, milk and mashed banana, pour the batter in the baking dish and place in the oven, the real magic starts!

Banana Magic Cake
If you are looking for an easy cake recipe with just a few simple ingredients, this Easy Banana Magic Cake is perfect! Custard cake with mashed banana comes together in no time at all!
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