It’s time to Waffelize Your Wednesday!!!


Well, we’ve made it to our 8th and final week of this awesome family breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert treat. Who loves Eggo Waffles??!! We sure do in our house. I am pretty sure my kids loved this campaign even more that I did. There was always a selection of waffles for breakfast! haha!

Here’s a recap of our last 7 weeks:

Week 1 – After school snacks
Week 2 – Ice Cream!
Week 3 – Football 
Week 4 – Breakfast for Dinner
Week 5 – Play with your food
Week 6 – Thanksgiving
Week 7 – Fall Desserts 

And this week HALLOWEEN!

I thought about making a spooky treat to share but decided to go back to basics. There’s nothing like Eggo Waffles with a pat of butter and maple syrup. YUM! My kids loved all the special treats we made over the past weeks but their favorite always comes back to Waffles with Syrup.


Today we made a blueberry waffle and a strawberry waffle. I even had the baby reaching for the plate. She’s come to love her waffles!


What’s your favorite waffle flavor? Did you submit your recipe creation to win the Grand Prize? Tell me about a holiday recipe you’d make over using Eggo Waffles. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell me what creative name you’d give one of my recipe creations from the weeks past!

This is it! Submit your recipe to win the grand prize!

 Head over to Eggo’s Facebook page and enter The Great #EggoWaffleOff! Enter you recipe and you could win $5,000!

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