It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to WAFFELIZE YOUR WEDNESDAY!


Are you guys getting excited to see what’s up next? AND are you getting into the action and becoming the CWO – Chief Waffle Officer at your house and coming up with your own creations? I have a feeling you will become Queen (or King) of your domain if you’re fixing yummy waffle dishes for your family each week! : )

This week we’re having BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!

As a child, I can remember getting so excited when my mom would pull out the waffle iron or pancake pan at dinner time as a special treat. And, I’ve carried on this little tradition at my house. The kids love to have breakfast for dinner and are happy to have Eggo Waffles with Syrup and bacon. But, this week I made a Mom and Dad friendly dinner that included Eggo Waffles – The Western Waffle!


This little creation is hearty and savory and you won’t have to have a snack before bedtime after consuming it. PLUS it’s simple to make!

I used MY favorite Eggo Waffles – the whole wheat nutrigrain waffle. But, you could use any of your favorites. This is so easy to make, I’m sure it will become a family favorite!

I first took a frozen hashbrown and browned it lightly in a skillet with a pat of butter. Everything is better with butter. Trust me. Then, sit it aside while you whip up a couple of scrambled eggs in a pan. ALSO cooked with a pat of butter. Trust me. Eggs are better with butter. When your eggs are almost done, throw in a handful of diced green and red peppers. YUM. If you’re really crazy…add some mushrooms and onions, too. Place the hashbrown on one waffle that has been lightly toasted. Then, place the eggs on top of that, top with shredded cheese and another waffle. That’s it! Enjoy open-face style OR like a sandwich if you’re into that kind of thing.

Western Waffle

Delish! My husband could hardly wait to dig into this bad boy. It’s not for the light appetite. That’s why it’s perfect for dinner!

There you go! That’s your #EggoWaffleOff recipe for the week!

Join me next Wednesday as we Waffelize Your Wednesday with another new recipe! BUT, in the meantime, head over to Eggo’s Facebook page and enter The Great #EggoWaffleOff! Enter you recipe and you could win $5,000!


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  1. Ric Robinson says:

    I LOVE breakfast for dinner!!!

    1. You’re the king of breakfast for dinner! haha!!!

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