Thankfully, I have kids who love healthy food. Fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy are all things they crave and since starting school, they come home starving looking for a yummy snack to eat. I can usually satisfy their hunger with a veggie tray or an apple, but sometimes I like to fix a special treat to surprise them!

Today and for the next 8 weeks, I’m going to be sharing recipes that can be made by using Eggo Waffles! That’s right…everything from snacks to breakfast to dinner to holiday treats! It’s going to be a lot of fun! Just call me your Eggo Chief Waffle Officer!


Today I’m sharing a yummy after school snack. Made with Eggo’s NEW Granola Chocolate Chip Waffles, fresh strawberries and whipped cream, this is sure to be a hit for your hungry kiddos!


Here’s what you need….


Eggo Granola Chocolate Chip Waffles – thawed
3-4 strawberries diced
1/2 cup whipped cream – homemade or store bought


First…place your thawed waffle in a small dish to form a bowl
Next…combine strawberries and whipped cream in a bowl
Using a handheld blender or mixer, combine the strawberries together.
Place strawberry whipped cream in the waffle bowl and freeze until firm – approx. 2 hours.
Remove from freezer and dip bottom of bowl into hot water to release.
Place on plate and enjoy!

That’s it! Simple, Delicious AND healthy!

Join me next Wednesday as we Waffelize Your Wednesday with a new recipe! BUT, in the meantime, head over to Eggo’s Facebook page and enter The Great #EggoWaffleOff! Enter you recipe and you could win $5,000!





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