It’s time to Waffelize Your Wednesday!

This week we’re using Eggo Waffle Minis and ICE CREAM! Yum! Could the week get any better than waffles and ice cream? I think not!


To make a super simple snack that everyone will love – waffles and ice cream are the way to go. I made these little ice cream sandwiches by taking Eggo Minis – toasting them in the toaster until lightly brown and crispy and then letting them cool. Next, I used slightly softened ice cream – chocolate since it’s my favorite – and placed a scoop right in the middle of one waffle and toped with another. Then, I rolled the sides in colorful sprinkles for some added fun and deliciousness. Pop them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat. That’s it!


See…super simple and super adorable!

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Join me next week for another yummy recipe using Eggo Waffles!



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