You know it’s going to be a good day if pancakes are involved. These fluffy and light treats are great for breakfast, brunch, or even that late-night snack. These tasty pancake recipes will give you inspiration for how you can make your favorite breakfast treat.



Looking for some inspiration for your breakfast table? We’ve got you covered. These pancake recipes are super tasty, and each one is better than the next. From plain to fruity apple pancakes to sweet and savory, you won’t run out of delicious options.

It doesn’t get more traditional than pancakes for breakfast. The breakfast dish is a staple from a young age and is always a treat, no matter how old you are. There is just something so delicious about the fluffy stack dripping with maple syrup.


The best part about pancakes is the versatility. They can be stuffed with chocolate, mixed with sprinkles, or loaded with blueberries. Plus, you can top them with syrup, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and so much more. Seriously, there is no wrong combination when it comes to pancakes. Give this whole list a try and work your way through all of these amazing pancake recipes.

1. Birthday Cake Pancakes

It doesn’t have to be your birthday to have a giant stack of birthday cake pancakes.

Sure, they make for a great celebration, but they are also amazing and make that plain old weekend breakfast extra special.

So, what makes these pancakes birthday-themed? It’s all in the sprinkles. Load up the batter and watch the colorful creation come to life.

2. Homemade Pancakes

If stuffings, toppings, and mix-ins are not your thing, stick to plain homemade pancakes.

These plain homemade pancakes are the fluffiest and lightest pancakes you will ever taste. You won’t ever think about switching to another recipe once you try this one.

The best part about this recipe is that it is made with mostly pantry staples, meaning you can have pancakes pretty much whenever you would like.

3. Brown Sugar Banana Pancakes

If you love eating a big slice of banana bread for breakfast in the morning, you are going to fall in love with these brown sugar banana pancakes.

Just like banana bread, these pancakes are super moist, thanks to the super ripe bananas.

However, unlike the classic treat, they are flowing with a brown sugar flavor. The brown sugar adds a nice subtle flavor and doesn’t overpower the pancakes in sweetness.

4. Bacon and Corn Griddle Pancakes

Not all pancakes have to be loaded with sweetness. Case in point: these bacon and corn griddle pancakes.

These pancakes have the same light and fluffy texture of a pancake you know and love but opt for savory mix-ins instead of sweet.

If you are missing that sweet element, go ahead and top these beautiful pancakes with syrup. The opposite flavor profiles create an amazing bite that will have you coming back for more and more.

5. Coconut Flour Pancakes

If gluten isn’t your friend and you’re worried about missing out on some pancakes, I’ve got good news for you.

These coconut flour pancakes are not only gluten-free but also super tasty.

The coconut flour adds a nice subtle flavor and texture to the pancakes, making them pretty similar to the real thing.

6. French Toast Pancakes

If you can’t decide between French toast and pancakes when it comes to breakfast, why not have both? That is exactly what you’ll have with these French toast pancakes.

So, how do these pancakes turn into French toast? They are dipped in a delectable cinnamon custard and then fried just like a thick piece of bread.

It’s the best of both worlds, all in one bite.

7. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

There is no need to choose between having pancakes and a cinnamon roll for breakfast when these cinnamon roll pancakes are involved.

This pancake recipe takes classic pancakes and adds a giant cinnamon swirl into the mix, so it tastes just like a loaded cinnamon roll.

The pancakes even get topped with a little cream cheese icing, to truly finish it off like a cinnamon roll.

8. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Go the refreshing route when it comes to breakfast with these lemon ricotta pancakes.

The lemons play double duty in this recipe. Both the zest and the juice are used to make the pancakes extra bright.

Go ahead and double this recipe, as everyone is going to want a double stack.

9. Banana Pancakes 

Banana pancakes are the perfect way to upgrade your pancakes, all without doing a whole lot of work.

All you have to do to make these tasty pancakes is add bananas to a classic pancake recipe. It’s really that simple.

If you really want to go the extra mile, add some sliced bananas into the mix before you get cooking. It will give your pancakes a super banana-y flavor.

10. Snickerdoodle Pancakes

You’ve heard of snickerdoodle cookies, but have you ever heard of snickerdoodle pancakes?

Get ready for your tastebuds to be blown away. To get that signature snickerdoodle flavor, these pancakes get topped with loads of cinnamon and sugar.

You can let the maple syrup sit this one out — unless you really want a super sugary bite.

11. Dutch Baby Pancake

Now I know from the picture that a Dutch baby doesn’t look like a traditional pancake. However, don’t let the look turn you away.

A Dutch baby pancake is basically like a super crispy version of a pancake.

The pancake gets cooked at super high heat in a cast-iron pan to create its signature look.

Add baked apples, blueberries, chocolate chips, or pretty much any topping to the middle before you dig in.

12. Buttermilk Pancakes

Want those super traditional, ultra fluffy pancakes? Then this buttermilk pancake recipe is just for you.

The buttermilk adds to the pancake recipe in all aspects. It helps in the texture to keep them light and fluffy, adds a little flavor, and keeps everything nice and light.

It’s a win-win in each and every bite.

13. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Baked apples have some competition when it comes to these apple cinnamon pancakes.

The secret to getting the apple flavor so strong in these pancakes is the addition of applesauce in the recipe.

If you really want the apple flavor to be extra, add some chopped apples into the batter. It will be a treat in every bite.

14. Whole Wheat Pancakes

Looking for a lighter bite that’s not loaded with toppings? Go with these whole wheat pancakes.

These pancakes have everything you love about a traditional stack of pancakes, but keep things on the healthier side.

Want a lighter topping for these pancakes too? Try out fresh fruit or even some honey. It will be a great swap.

15. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Chocolate chips and pancakes are the perfect pairings. Whoever thought to mix the chips into the plain batter was a real genius.

This recipe is loaded with chocolate chips. We’re talking about a mouthful of chocolate in each bite.

Go ahead and double or even triple the recipe while you are making these. Something tells me the pancakes will be flying off the stacks.

16. Oreo Pancakes

Dessert for breakfast is always a good idea. I mean, just look at these Oreo pancakes!

These pancakes go full sweet tooth. The chocolate pancakes get stacked in between layers of whipped cream to look just like your favorite Oreo cookie.

Want even more Oreos? Crush up a few and add them to the batter. You can thank us later for that suggestion.

17. Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

Don’t let these pancakes fool you. From the outside, they may look like your typical stack. But cut one open, and you’ll see that they are stuffed with Nutella.

Don’t be intimated to make these pancakes, as they are a lot easier to make than they look.

Simply add a large dollop of the hazelnut spread while the batter is cooking on the griddle. Then, add some batter on top and flip. It’s that easy!

18. Blueberry Pancakes

Start your morning off right with a giant stack of blueberry pancakes.

The best part of the recipe is that it works well with both fresh and frozen blueberries.

Blueberries not your thing? Sub in your favorite fruit for a delicious treat.

19. Cannoli Pancakes

If you crave sweets first thing in the morning, you’ll be all over these fluffy cannoli pancakes.

Not only do these pancakes taste like cannolis, but they also look like one too. The cream gets folded in between the pancakes to replicate the traditional pastry.

Save this recipe for a special celebration as they will surely lead to a sugar overload!

20. Sheet Pan Pancakes

Feeding a bunch of people in the morning? Ditch the griddle and opt for sheet pan pancakes instead.

Making pancakes on a sheet pan is the trick you never knew you needed. Simply make the batter as you would for typical pancakes, but pour them on a sheet pan instead of cooking them one by one.

This pancake recipe will be a lifesaver when you don’t have time to flip pancakes for a crowd.

21. Strawberry Pancakes

Strawberries, whipped cream, and pancakes are always a good idea.

This recipe doesn’t hold back when it comes to strawberries. They are chopped up real fine and added to the batter. Plus, they are stacked on top too, for an extra fruity bite.

Save this one for strawberry season. The fresh berries will be so sweet in the recipe.

22. Cinnamon Peach Pancakes

Sure, you’ve had peach cobbler. But have you ever had peaches in your pancakes? After one bite, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this recipe sooner.

The cinnamon and peach combination mixes perfectly with the simple pancake batter, giving every ingredient a place to shine.

The cooked peaches take on a sweet flavor just like a cobbler, making it irresistible to stop eating.


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