These Back to School Snacks are a great way to prep ahead of time and have some healthy and delicious food options ready for the kids when they get home from school.

Since it’s no secret that the kids will work up an appetite, why not have some easy after school snacks ready and waiting?

These easy ideas are fun of healthy treats that are fun to make, too!

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas And After School Snacks

Healthy, Easy, and Simple Back to School Snack Ideas

The way that the kids come home from school, you’d think that they haven’t eaten anything all day long. And while that probably isn’t the case, it’s a good idea to have some simple food choices ready and waiting.

If you’re looking for snacks that take minutes to make and prep, you’re in the right place!

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Healthy Lunches For Kids

Tips for Creating Healthy Snacks and Lunches for Kids

  • To start off let me share some great tips on how to pack a healthy lunch for your child. Learn ways to make lunchtime fun for your kids, and ways to trick them into eating their fruits and veggies.
  • Learn all about the lunchbox hacks on how to keep the milk cold, how to serve up leftovers, write notes on bananas, and more. All the things realistic parents want or shall I say, need to know about packing lunches.
  • Here are some solutions for packing lunches and serving up healthy snacks after-school in an easy way for parents.

Healthy Lunches For Kids

Fun and Easy Lunch Ideas

Mason jars are so popular so it is only fitting to use them for packing lunches. Learn how to make pre-made lunches for you or your child for this school year. You will find a variety of ideas and inspiration here.

Transform your child’s sandwich into a bear with this fun bear bento box. Make your kid’s lunch look appealing to the eye so they gobble it up as a hungry bear would!

Nothing beats turkey and cheese sushi rolls in my opinion. A different way to give your child some added protein, and make their lunch fun.

Healthy Lunches For Kids

Make-ahead pizza rolls are a great option for kids. What kid doesn’t love anything that has to do with pizza? Make these the night before and just toss in the lunchbox in the morning for a quick lunch.

These turkey and cheese kabobs are a protein-packed lunch idea that will help fuel your child to finish out the day. They are a fun way to eat meat and cheese that will make your kids look forward to lunch.

Here are some great bento lunch box ideas to gain inspiration from. A pasta salad one, meat roll-ups, and more.

Healthy Lunches For Kids

Hidden veggie cream cheese bagels that are Hello Kitty inspired are such fun. Serve with a side of meat if you want some added protein or even a hard-boiled egg. What kid wouldn’t want to eat this adorable kitty?

Over here you will see a handful of lunchbox ideas from pepperoni slices, fresh fruit, cheese, and more. Lots of great easy and simple ideas to make in a hurry.

If your kids are a fan of Superheroes then you have to check out this MARVEL Superhero lunchbox idea. Transform your kid’s lunch into a superhero wonderland.

Need even more lunch box meal ideas, here are 7 more healthy lunch ideas you can pack for your child. No matter what their age these food items are great for their growing bodies.

Healthy Lunches For Kids

After School Snacks Ideas for Kids

Don’t spend money on store-bought yogurt tubes, learn to make your own DIY yogurt tubes. These are a great item to add to their lunches or have for an after-school snack.

Whip up a batch of trail mix cookies. A great way to give them a treat but also help fill them up and give them some energy after a long day at work.

If your child enjoys smoothies, whip them up an after-school melon smoothie. Almond milk, a mix of melon, and more create this healthy smoothie.

Healthy Lunches For Kids

Let your kids indulge in these keto chocolate chip cookies, which are a lower carb count. Great for a sweet treat after school that isn’t just loaded with tons of sugar.

Nothing beats these banana sushi rolls. Kids will have no problem eating their banana when it looks like a sushi roll!

By switching things up daily and having fresh ideas to try for your kids this school year with these Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas and After School Snacks you’ll have happy and healthy kiddos, too!


  • Don’t forget that everyone is going to be getting back into the swing of school. It may take a few weeks to settle into a good schedule.
  • Ask you kiddos what kind of snacks that they’re hoping to eat after their school day. This way, you’re not wasting your time making something that they won’t want and you’re not wasting food, either.

What are your favorite lunch and snack ideas? Leave me a comment below!

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