This Ultimate Back to School Guide will have everyone starting the chaotic school morning like a pro.

Full of easy tips, simple back to school lunch ideas, and ways for mom (and kids!) to be organized and ready for the start of school!

May your back to school schedule get started without a hitch!

Ultimate Back To School Guide

Hair Tips, Back to School Tips, and School Clothing Choices

Can you believe that the first day of school is already here? That means no more sleeping in. No more late nights. No more kids ruling the house…and maybe, just maybe, a lot less laundry to have to worry about since the kids aren’t at home wearing everything in sight!

If you’re ready to easy back to school hacks that will save you time and sanity, I’ve got you covered!

Don’t forget to check out these 5 Tips to Simplify Your School Day Schedule. The easier you can make the start of school, the better!

Back to School - Easy Hairstyles for Girls My Organized Chaos

Back to School Hair Tips for Girls 

Don’t miss out on these 7 hairstyles that are easy for girls for back to school! All of them are quick and easy and a great way to get them out the door and on the bus in time!

I’m also a huge fan of these 5 hair care tips for kids, too. If you have girls, you know what I mean! There’s no reason that hair care should take hours!

I also have to recommend this natural hair detangler as well. It’s a breeze to get the tangles out with this brush.

And last, but not least, check out these braid tutorials to try something different! Have your daughter loving her new look on the first day of school!

Back to School - Homework Station - The Happier Homemaker

Organization Tips For Back to School 

Check out this homework station! It’s awesome for your child/teen to sit down and get their work down. Having a place that is clean, and free of distractions is a great way to help them stay focused on their studies.

This morning routine chart is perfect to keep your mornings in order and get you out the door on time! Help teach older kids the task they need to complete before they are ready for school.

And we love our entryway organizer! It’s a great way to allow your kids to have a place each day to put their bags and belongings, so they don’t get scattered all over the house. I find having a designated area allows you to not scramble searching for things in the morning.

Peanut BUtter Jelly Sushi Rolls

Simple Lunches Ideas for Back to School 

 Peanut butter jelly sushi rolls are always a big hit for kids. You give them a classic lunch with a really fun twist. Plus, they’re fast to make and the kids can easily make them for themselves, too.

Check out how to create healthy lunches for your children! From making lunchtime fun and ideas on what to pack instead of just a sandwich and chips.

I love writing notes in my kid’s lunchboxes. Verses, countdowns, encouragements – you name it! Great way to make them feel loved.

Need more simple school lunch ideas? Here are 100 school lunch box ideas to keep your kids satisfied and full of a variety of options! I always get bored of the same thing, so changing it up is always nice.

Make certain to check out these lunchbox printables to make your child’s lunch a little extra special when they open it up!

And don’t forget about the most important meal of the day…

For breakfast on school day mornings, I aim to have freezer items handy. Breakfast burritos and sandwiches, muffins, etc. They get a nutritious breakfast to kick start the day and it takes minimal time on my end, so I can focus on other areas.

Back to School - Boys Clothing Mix and Match- Everyday Savings

Back to School Clothing Tips for Kids 

Check out these boys mix and match outfit ideas. They’re a simple way to buy minimal items to create endless outfits that your little man will love.

Here are ways I make the most of deal shopping for clothes for back to school. With three kids I have to find deals.

This is a great style guide on dressing a tween girl! Gives you an idea of staple pieces to buy that you can piece together.

Great hacks for saving money on back to school clothes. From shopping at home first, thrift stores, and the list continues.

If you have older kids help teach them how to stay within budget for back to school shopping! This helps them learn about where the money comes from and that it isn’t endless.


  • Make certain that the kids are part of the conversation. Let them pick out their clothing, talk about what they need, and get excited to go back to school as well!
  • Try starting a routine with them a few days or weeks before school starts. Routines are important for success.

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