You’re going to love these simple appetizers and game-day dips! From main dish to dessert, there is literally something here for everyone to enjoy.

In case you haven’t noticed, football season has arrived. And while everyone else might be screaming and yelling from the kitchen, I’m just over here thinking about all the awesome Game Day Dips that I’m going to be making.

Whipping up some delicious tailgating foods is what it’s all about. I love a good dip and I’m not ashamed to admit it. In fact, I love game day dips so much, I literally make a couple for every game.

game day dips

If you’re craving dips just like me, I’ve gathered up some awesome homemade dips that I really think you’re going to love.

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14 Super Simple Game Day Dips

The great thing about game day dips is that they’re all really quick and simple to make. In fact, you can easily whip up one or two in no time at all. Some people use their crockpot while others go with a no-bake method or approach. And in this big list of dips, you’re going to find a wide variety to choose from.

Crab Rangoon Dip with Wonton Chips – Seriously. Just ready that already has my mouth-watering. This DIY dip recipe allows you to eat the middle part of the crab rangoon with ease! (and isn’t that the best part anyway?!)

game day dips

Spinach Artichoke Dip – Can we all just agree that being able to use a cast iron skillet for just about anything is awesome? And this game day dip takes no time at all to make!

spinach artichoke dip

Chili Cheese Dip – Who says you have to wait until it’s cold outside to make chili? This dip proves otherwise.

 Chili Cheese Dip

The Easiest Buffalo Chicken Dip – If you want easy, you’re going to love this dip. Add in a little bit of heat and you can really kick it up a notch. Be sure to check out my Guide to the BEST Buffalo Chicken Dip, too!

buffalo chicken dip

3-Ingredient Avocado Dip – Keep it lighter and a bit cooler with this delicious avocado dip. It also works great as a sandwich spread as well.

avocado ranch dip

Roasted Red Pepper Dip – You’ll be hard-pressed to find a game day dip that’s any more simple to make than this. With just a handful of ingredients, you and your football guests will be dipping away happily in no time at all.

roasted red pepper dip

Creamy Cheesy Coca-Cola Dip – I love that the use of this beverage can be so versatile. Once you give it a try, I bet you’re going to love it as well.

coca cola dip

Warm Ranch Crack Dip Recipe –  This warm ranch crack dip recipe with bacon and cream cheese takes just 10 minutes prep and can be made ahead. PLUS it’s keto-friendly! SCORE!!

crack dip

Crock Pot Beef and Sweet Corn Queso Dip – This simple dip is one of the healthiest options out there PLUS full of flavor!!

queso dip

Rotel Dip – Here’s the best part about this recipe. It literally only takes three ingredients to make!

rotel dip

Easy Cheeseburger Dip – This dip is so good, you won’t even miss the bun! Perfect for a football party or tailgate.

hamburger dip

Warm Cheesy Bacon Dip – is the perfect appetizer recipe loaded with delicious hickory-smoked bacon and cheese, making every bite beyond scrumptious! Bet you can’t stop after just one dip!

cheesy bacon dip

This Crock Pot Sausage Cheese Dip is full of two kinds of cheese, black beans, corn, tomatoes, and green chilis and is sure to please any crowd!

Here’s the great thing about game day dips…they don’t always have to be an appetizer or to be eaten as the main course.

Dessert dips are a thing as well for tailgating and they are ah-mazing and so simple to make!

Game Day Dips for Dessert

Oreo Fluff – While I love dipping crackers and chips into dips, I’m not gonna lie. Dipping a giant piece of graham cracker into a massive pile of oreo fluff will have me saying “yes” over and over again.

oreo fluff

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip – This is not a drill. This dip is egg-free and can be eaten by the spoonful.

cookie dough dip

See how many fun, unique and tasty game day dips there are? You can easily spend your whole day snacking away on one or two of these! Make up a few and don’t forget the dessert!

These are certain to be a “touchdown” with all your tailgating friends!

Do you have a favorite game-day dip from the list above?



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