Want to know the secrets for making the perfect buffalo chicken dip? I’ve got you covered! Try this Buffalo Chicken Guide for tips and tricks to an amazing appetizer!

Guide to Buffalo Chicken Dip

Tips and Tricks For Making The Best Buffalo Chicken Dip

I have a few tips and tricks that will give you that rave-worthy dip that the whole crowd won’t be able to stop dipping!

Buffalo chicken dip is loaded with tender bits of chicken, tons of cheese, in a creamy sauce and cooked until bubbly for the most epic party dip ever created! I also share a few of my favorite buffalo chicken recipes, that give you the same flavors of this savory dip.

It is no secret our family loves buffalo chicken dip and buffalo chicken recipes! I have tons of different ways to make this delicious buffalo dip so that you can find a method that fits your exact needs.

But the base of buffalo chicken dip is similar to each recipe. Let me help share how to get that perfect recipe each and everytime you whip it up!

(PS – If you love buffalo chicken, then you also need to try my Easy Buffalo Chicken Sliders!)

Guide to Buffalo Chicken Dip

Best Wing Sauce To Use For Buffalo Chicken Dip

The essential ingredients in a wing sauce are hot sauce and butter. But I reach for Frank’s Hot Sauce – the Buffalo variety –  a lot for making my buffalo recipes. Why? Because it offers a thicker consistency that packs a nice amount of heat all in one and is full of flavor. It bakes up nicely and is super versatile.

We also like Texas Pete hot sauce if you can find it in your area. I always recommend buying a hot sauce/wing sauce that you enjoy the flavor.

How Do You Make Buffalo Chicken Dip Creamy?

For me, I generally reach for cream cheese. I find it gives that silky smooth texture that packs some flavor to help add a new element of flavor to my dips. Cream cheese gives your dip that perfect thick and creamy consistency that you are wanting in each and every bit.

What Can You Use To Dip In Buffalo Chicken Dip?

Buffalo Chicken Dip Guide

The beauty of a good buffalo chicken dip is that you can use anything that you want to dip – from crusty bread, crackers, salty chips, crisp veggies if you want a lower carb option.

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Chicken in a Biskit Crackers
  • Club Crackers
  • Crusty Bread
  • Chips

In our home, we always serve this easy dip recipe with vegetables and crackers. If we have Italian bread, I slice that up and place around it as well. Our family enjoys a variety of dipping ingredients and it just depends on what mood we’re in as to what we use.

What Type Of Chicken Is Best For Buffalo Chicken Dip?

You can use any type of chicken you want. Rotisserie chicken, leftover chicken, canned chicken, the options are endless. You just want to use a chicken that isn’t heavily seasoned previously. For example, you don’t want to use leftover lemon-pepper chicken for this as it will add in flavor.

But if you cook some chicken in bulk and then shred and save back, it works great. I reach for canned when I am in a hurry and then sometimes use leftover shredded chicken as well. I prefer white meat in my recipes, so reach for a breast.

My Favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Guide

See how to make Buffalo Chicken Dip by watching this video!

Here are my favorite ways to eat buffalo chicken in a variety of ways. From dip to sandwiches, and even a savory nacho recipe. Think out of the box with these tasty recipes.

Buffalo Chicken Dip | This is the classic version that is great for making in your slow cooker or even the oven. You have that perfect melted cheese over the top, and once you dip through it, you have that creamy base, kick of heat from the buffalo sauce, and tender bits of chicken. Pair with some salty chips, crisp veggies, and enjoy.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos | This is a twist to a classic dip. You have a nacho style where you have a bed of salty tortilla chips loaded with chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch, and all the other toppings for a good nacho. We love jalapenos for added spice, fresh tomatoes, and black olives.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders | Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner, lunch or appetizer to serve at your game day party. The fresh celery on top helps tame down the heat and gives the perfect amount of crunch.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich | This sandwich is made just like the dip, but then the center of this savory and crunchy sandwich. I used blue cheese dressing for this sandwich, but you can always swap it for ranch if you would like.

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