Funfetti has been the most wanted item in my home for a long time. My kids LOVE it! Make it a chocolate Funfetti and of course, I am all about it! Pillsbury released a Chocolate Funfetti Cake and Cupcake Mix and I am so happy!

Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix

Now, I honestly have no idea when this actually came out, but people have been posting it on Instagram after spotting it in their local grocery stores. You know that means I have to attempt to hunt it down now…

This looks pretty much like your traditional Funfetti Cake mix, but this Funfetti Cake and Cupcake mix is chocolate. It is loaded with those fun colorful sprinkles that we all love!

Funfetti® Chocolate Cake and Cupcake Mix adds a yummy pop of color and chocolate deliciousness to brighten up your celebration!


They also have a Chocolate Funfetti Icing to make it all even better! Now I need a reason to bake a cake! This could be the reason for baking a cake though right? Celebrating the Chocolate Funfetti Cake? I can work with that!

Where To Buy Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix

To find a store near you that carries it, you can visit the Pillsbury Baking website, where you can search and find it at a retailer near you! Who else is ready to try this? Let’s bake!

Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix

Boxed Cake Mix Tips and Hacks!

Don’t forget to check out this cool hack for making a box cake mix into bakery-style cupcakes to make it even better! These would be perfect to make with the kids.

chocolate cupcake

Also, check out these other tips and hacks for using boxed cake mix. I’m a pretty simple gal when it comes to baking, I use a mix normally and these tips can help even the worst baker (hey, that’s me!) pull off an amazing cake! You can do it!

cake on a plate

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