It’s back to school time and that means a switch from busy summer days to crazy busy fall days.

This transition is made much easier by sticking with these Back to School Tips to Start Your Kid’s Day Right!

We’re so excited to share today’s post with you by our guest contributor  Dr. Beth Westie! Thank you for sharing!! 

5 Back To School Tips To Start Your Kid’s Day Right

5 Back To School Tips To Start Your Kid’s Day Right

1.Prepare for the day: The best days start with the right mindset and positive guidance. Your littles will easily take on whatever spirit or mood you’re in. Sometimes this means getting up about 5 minutes before you want to have some coffee! Try posting motivational quotes around the house to have a positive mindset while spreading that joy with the kids.

2.High protein breakfast: Kids have such fast metabolisms that they often burn through all their food within an hour causing their blood sugar to crash and leave them unfocused and cranky. Make sure your kids are getting 12g-15g of protein in the morning, along with 1 Tbsp of a healthy fat. High protein breakfast examples are:

a. 2 Eggs and peanut butter toast
b. Oatmeal with coconut oil and protein powder

3.Protein Snacks: Most classrooms have a scheduled snack time during the day for kids. However – often the suggested snack is a quick carb that will sustain your kids for a short amount of time. Kids love crackers and pretzels, but they do nothing to help the energy levels after schools let out. If you notice your kids are struggling after school or in the early evening – try switching out their snack for something that has more protein. You’ll be shocked at the results! High protein snack examples:

a. Protein balls or ½ protein bar
b. Turkey & cheese pretzel roll up

4.Meal prep on the weekend: Prepping everything once a week helps keep you organized all week! It seems there is always at least one day a week that things fall apart for one reason or another and this way you will always be prepared for the next day.

5.Back massages for kids: Try taking about a teaspoon of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil and spend a few minutes rubbing your kiddos backs, and within minutes they are calm and relaxed and ready for sleep. If they are SUPER wound up, you can also put some lavender on the bottoms of their feet. They sleep soundly after that!


*My last tip for moms that want to sneak more veggies into their kid’s diet is to mix powdered greens into your peanut butter!!

What an awesome tip! Sneak more veggies into your kid’s diet by mixing powdered greens into your peanut butter!!

They won’t notice a change in taste at all and you will get a couple extra servings of veggies into them!

Here’s a great recipe that your kids are sure to love that is full of good-for-you ingredients! Protein Puppy Chow!

Protein Puppy Chow - my kids will love this one!!!


For more recipes like these, check out this Kids Cookbook: Gross Kids Cookbook by Dr. Beth Westie! Your kids are sure to love it!

The beginning of the school year may be busy and hectic at first, but with a little planning, you can give your kids the very best start with this  5 Back To School Tips for Starting Your Kid’s School Day Off Right!


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