Back to school time also means back to germs time! While I try to keep our kids in the best health possible – take our vitamins, get rest, eat right, not everyone around us does. So, I have to really bump up our daily “health” routine to hopefully keep the sickness away!

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy When Heading Back to School! 

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These tips to keep kids healthy when heading back to school are a huge help!!
1. Wash Hands Often 


Does it look like I’m yelling at you? I am! haha! Really reminding your kids to wash their hands at school and at home is KEY to keeping those germs at bay! You can eat right all you want, but if your hands are full of germs and you then pick up a sandwich to eat it, they’re gonna get in! Simple soap and water work just fine. Just remind them to wash for two full rounds of “Happy Birthday” – no need to sing out loud if they’re in middle school and beyond! ha!

2. Eat Healthy Meals 


YES! You have to fuel your body with good for you ingredients to keep your immune system up and body functioning well. The less processed foods you consume – the better. Protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are best! Put them all in a big salad for a yummy lunch!

3. Get A Vitamin Boost 


When you need an immunity boost, Ricola has these amazing little drops of goodness that taste good, too! Ricola Herbal Immunity harnesses the power of herbs, ginseng and vitamins B6, B12 and C to boost immunity strength and fight fatigue that helps you bring your “A Game” all the time! Available in both Honey Herb and Citrus Herb – they are delicious! Your kids will think they’re getting a treat!

4. Keep Hydrated 


Keep your body working right by drinking water all day long. Ditch the soda and sweet drinks all together if you can. If not – limit greatly. Try adding in sparkling water if they miss the bubbles and flavor, but remind the kids to drink lots of water. Water will keep their bodies looking and feeling great!

5. Exercise 


Just get moving! I know that it may be hard to fit it in – but try adding in small bursts throughout the day. Take the steps. Park farther away from the store. Play. Dance! Whatever it takes, get moving so that they can be strong and healthy! Push out those toxins and get the feel-good endorphins going!

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Keeping healthy during back to school time can be a challenge, but with a few simple steps, you can prepare yourself to fight off whatever comes your way!


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