Back to School time means it’s also Back to School SHOPPING time! My kids LOVE to do a little shopping before heading back to school.

Back to school shopping can be crazy expensive – but with a few tips you can make the most of your money – here’s my 5 FAVORITE Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips to get you in and out without breaking the bank!

Love these 5 AWESOME Frugal Back to School Shopping Tips! 1. Shop On Tax Free Days – Most states offer a back to school shopping day that will allow you to purchase your items TAX FREE. Check with local businesses on when this is in your community!

2. Shop End of Summer Sales – Since the weather is usually still warm, add some summer weather clothes to your closets and wait to purchase cooler weather clothes until they go on sale and you need them!

3. Buy Quality Items – When purchasing backpacks and lunch boxes, chose well made items that will last more than one year. Ideally you should be able to only purchase them new every couple of years – sometimes more!

4. Follow Your Favorites – Follow your favorite stores on social media and get their text updates to get notified when they have the best deals! Most even send out coupons at that time to save you even more money!

5. Shop Consignment Stores – Most consignment stores carry all kinds of things you may need from clothes to shoes or backpacks AND in excellent shape! Check there first before heading to the mall!


How We Save

Thank you to Dick’s Sporting Goods for partnering with us for today’s post! We’re always thankful for the support!

To save us time and money,  we don’t do a huge shopping trip that will last for months, but we like to get a few new things to get them started off right! One of our favorite things to buy is brand new shoes for the first day of school. This year both of my big kids picked new tennis shoes for their first day!


Aren’t they the cutest? Ella decided on these styling aqua and gray shoes that will match almost anything she has in her closet and they’re super comfy, too! Nike Running Shoes are light and airy that make them perfect for the hot weather we have right now. Andrew chose shoes with his school colors on them, of course! Nike brand, again for this guy! They fit great and he always seems to pick them over other shoes he tries on!


We went shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods®  this year and my cart was almost full by the time we left!


We picked up new shoes and socks for both Ella and Andrew, a new back pack and lunch box for Andrew, new shirts for Ella and USA Olympic water bottles to take to school each day. They had amazing prices and even better coupons which made this mama really happy! I know that we could have spent a lot more money and time in Dick’s Sporting Goods®  the day we went shopping. There are so many awesome things to look at and buy! AND did I mention the amazing prices??!!


I may have even picked up a new chair to take to all these sporting events my kids take me to each week! haha!


To get you started on your Back To School Shopping, you can ENTER TO WIN one of five $50 Gift Cards from Dick’s for your own frugal shopping trips! Just enter below!
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*Thanks, again, to Dick’s Sporting Goods for today’s sponsored conversation! 


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