Looking for a natural or alternative treatment for your cold or flu symptoms? Try these 14  Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu that really work!

Natural Remedies for cold and flu

It’s that time of year again when you get those unwanted calls from the school saying your child is sick and needs to be picked up. I know many states have seen stomach bugs, viruses, strep, already floating around. If you are looking for some natural remedies for staying healthy this cold and flu season, check out the tips below.

These homemade remedies can help give your body a boost to protect and steer clear of those nasty bugs.

You will find a handful of different home remedies below to try out and see what fits or suits your family the best. I am a huge fan of natural remedies I have found quite a few really work!

The Best Natural Home Remedies For Cold or Flu Symptoms

  1. Follow these 5 tips for supercharging your immune system! They are simple to follow and can really give your immune system that boost to make it through the season!
  2. Elderberry syrup is a natural way to help keep cold and flu at bay. When people who have taken this syrup daily, it showed that they recovered from influenza four days earlier on average! Taking elderberry daily is a great way to give your immunity a boost to help keep your body feeling healthy. They do have adult and child strengths available.
  3. If you feel a sniffle coming on, consider this homemade flu remedies tea that will help cure the sickness fast. Power-packed with powerful herbs and tea to give your body the essentials it needs to fight away any unwanted germs.
  4. Natural Remedies 4. Learn how essentials oils can help keep you healthy during cold and flu season. Essential oils have been around for centuries, and I have used them first hand for many ailments around the house, to diffuse for aromatherapy, disinfectants, and so much more
  5. Essential oils and aromatherapy can be a wonderful preventative tool in fighting off any on-coming symptoms. Great news — with an increase in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments, some insurers are coming around to covering the cost.
  6. In cases where alternative treatment is recommended/ referred by a doctor or found to be necessary one can possibly be reimbursed for its cost. Check with your aromatherapist to see what they recommend.
  7. Probiotics are another really popular product that is being recommended. They can help keep your guts happy, which is where a lot of sicknesses can stem from.
  8. If you find you have a sore throat, check out these 4 remedies to help soothe that ache and pain you might be experiencing.

Natural Home Remedies

9. Have you heard about drinking grape juice each day to keep the stomach flu away? So many people swear by this, you need to check it out and see for yourself!

10.Vitamin C is great to take each day whether it is powder form, pills, or through foods you eat. Ensuring you are getting a daily dose of vitamin C is essential to keeping your body tip top shape.

11. You might think cinnamon is just for baking but you would be wrong. Cinnamon offers antiviral properties along with antioxidants which is what our body needs. From essential oils to supplements! You can even add cinnamon to your morning coffee and snacks and desserts to help give your body extra.

12. While honey can soothe a sore throat or sweeten up a drink or treat, it also carries great properties. Honey offers a high polyphenol which is antioxidants that work to fighting off diseases. When you consume honey it can help to protect and keep you healthy. Look for darker varieties of honey as they have higher antibacterial, antimicrobial benefits to your body. You can also find capsules to buy if you don’t like the flavor of honey.

natural remedies

13. Make your own natural hand sanitizer to use when you are out and about. That cart handle at the stores, doorknobs and more are covered in germs. Use this hand sanitizer in between washing your hands. I share a lot of quick and easy recipes for cleaning products, including hand sanitizer in my book, Essential Oils for a Clean and Healthy Home, that covers all this and more!

14. I know this is basic but staying hydrated by drinking water really helps your body work better. Staying hydrated can even help prevent you from catching a sickness, if you do get sick it can help flush your system easily, and more. So grab that water and start drinking!

What is one way you use a natural remedy to stay healthy? 

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  1. These remedies work wonders and are exceptional. Have you heard about the lost book of remedies, it is a masterpiece.

  2. Penelope Smith says:

    I have been feeling a little run down lately. I want to try to get some herbal remedies to help me feel better. So, I liked that you pointed out hat dark honey and cinnamon can be really helpful for my overall health. That is good for me to know because I want to get feeling better soon.

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