Check out these 23+ Summer crafts for kids that are easy, quick, and perfect some summertime fun!

Pass the time on those long summer days when it is too hot to get outdoors with easy crafts for kids and games!

Let your kids enjoy the indoors with fun crafts for kids that will help make the days more enjoyable for your kids AND for mom. 

So, grab the glitter, glue, and crayons for some summertime fun!

Easy Summer Crafts For Kids

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Head to your local craft store and make a list of all the supplies you need for these fun crafts below. I like to let my kids pick a handful of things they want to do craft-wise over the summer and then I can have the supplies on hand for days it is raining or just too hot to get outside.

Here are some wonderful boredom busters- easy crafts for kids!

Easy Crafts For Kids 

Kid Summer Crafts - Ocean Slime - All Things Mamma

Ocean Slime | This ocean slime recipe is easy to follow and your child will love making it and even playing with it for hours.

All-Natural Playdough | Playdough is fun because you can shape and create over and over. Make your own homemade all-natural playdough for your child to enjoy.

Sponge Sailboats | Sponge sailboats don’t take much time to make, but the real fun comes in playing in the water after. Get a container of water, toss boat in the pool or even bathtub or sink and let them have fun floating their boat around.

Salt Painting | If you didn’t know you can paint with salt! Salt painting really brings the pictures they paint to life in a fun way.

Kid Summer Crafts- Angry Ladybugs - Art Craft and Fun

Grouchy Ladybugs | Love these paper grouchy ladybugs. These are fun to make and you can put them out to display or decorate your child’s room.

Magazine Flowers | If you have an abundance of old magazines, let your child make some fun magazine flowers. Your kiddos will enjoy crafting away and these flowers are fun to put on top of birthday gifts you might celebrate the summer.

Tie-Dye Shoes | Grab some cheap shoes and let the kids make one-of-a-kind tie-dye shoes to wear. These shoes are so fun to make and your kiddo can wear them through the summer break.

paper cup crafts


DIY Bookmark For Kids | Check out these really fun bookmarks for kids. Your little one will enjoy making fun bookmarks that they can use when they sit down and read through the summer and school year.

Paper Cup Crabs | Grab some paper cups and let your kid make crabs that are perfect for summer fun. Really cute and fun and great to play with after. Put some candy inside and seal them up for treats to give to friends and family.

Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft | A very simple craft that requires minimal supplies is a great one do too. Your child can create their favorite summer ice cream flavors with markers, sprinkles and more.

Fun And Colorful Summer Kids Crafts

Jellyfish Craft | These jellyfish will brighten up any room and help a gloomy rainy afternoon so much more fun. Hang these from your ceiling for added fun.

Kaleidoscope | Make your own colorful and shape-changing kaleidoscope that your kids can look around through.

paper tulip craft


Paper Tulips | Bring the colors of outside in with these really colorful and pretty 3D paper tulips. These make a great gift for a loved one. Take the glass out of a frame and frame them, create a card out of the flowers and more.

Slime  | SUPER EASY slime recipe that you won’t have any trouble at all making with only a few ingredients!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms  | Here’s a simple How-To on making those gorgeous Dahlia Flower Tissue Paper Pom Poms you see in magazines and on the Internet.

Kid Summer Crafts - Squirt Water Gun

Squirt Gun Painting | Buy some cheap squirt guns and head outdoors and paint up a canvas or just sheets of paper with paint-filled squirt guns. Your kids will go bonkers over this.

Summer Straw Shooters | This is a craft your kids will love to make. You can print out the toppers and stick them on straws and blow to watch them fly through the air.

Dragonfly Crafts  | If your child likes dragonflies this is a fun craft that allows them to create any color of dragonfly their heart desires.

Paper Bowl Turtles | These turtles are really fun to make and play with afterward. Plus these turtles make great gifts for grandparents, to showcase one of a kind art from their grandchild.

Kid Summer Crafts - Mermaid Paper Roll

Mermaid Craft Using Paper Roll | Learn how to make a mermaid with a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. Little girls will go crazy over how fun this and they have a little toy to play with after.

Handprint Suncatchers | Dress up your windows with adorable handprint suncatchers that are colorful. They are great keepsakes to remember the size of your small child’s hands.

This Mother's Day Handprint Flower pot is sure to be one of your favorites for years to come!


Jellyfish Liners Craft | Here is another jellyfish craft. Use cupcake liners and streamers to make a fun craft. Hang them on your front porch and watch them swirl and twirl in the wind.

DIY Recycled Bottle Flower Vase Craft| this fun upcycled craft is so easy that you can do it yourself OR have your kids help for some fun!

DIY Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Pot| This Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Pot is an adorable keepsake Mother’s Day Craft that is sure to be one of your favorites for years to come!


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