If you come here often, you know that I’m on our local Fox station on Good Day Marketplace each week sharing all kinds of  tips, tricks and recipes with the viewers. I love it! But, for something a little different this past week, I took my two older kids with me while they were on Spring Break!


It was so much fun! Since it’s time to clean up the cobwebs and dust from the winter, I was talking about Spring Cleaning naturally with recipes out of my book, Essential Oils for a Clean and Healthy Home!


I am pretty sure my kids thought it was awesome watching all the behind the scenes stuff that goes along with a news show! They got to see a fashion show, the weather man doing the weather, their mom on TV AND they got to be on TV, too! YES, we miced them up and gave them both jobs to do! It was so fun! I love how their little faces lit up during the segments and I couldn’t be more proud of their behavior the whole time we were there. They were quiet, had great manners and did a great job ON TV LIVE!


We made my favorite Rosemary and Lemon Surface Scrub from the book that can be used on any surface in your home that you would use soft scrub. It was so much fun AND it’s great that the kids could help make this safe, for the whole family, recipe.


I had the  best time with them there with me! You can watch our segments HERE and HERE. The first one is just me talking about how you only need a few products to clean your home naturally – which I also talked about LIVE on Facebook this past week. Click HERE to see that on my Facebook page.


Speaking of my book, we were just in Sam’s Club and saw that there aren’t many copies left. That MUST MEAN you’re all buying them up! YAY! I LOVE the comments and photos you’re sharing on my Facebook page when you do get a copy. It’s the best! Make sure to take a picture of whatever recipes you try, too! I’d love to see them!

I’ll be sharing some recipes from the book next week that you can use for all your Spring Cleaning needs – be on the lookout! In the meantime, make sure to sign up for my weekly Newsletter below so that you don’t miss it!


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