If you’re looking for a safe slime recipe for kids that doesn’t include borax, THIS is it! It’s one of my favorite homemade slime recipes for a reason!

This Ocean Slime Recipe, which is the perfect Shark Week Kids Activity, is made with a saline solution which makes it a great alternative to borax and produces the same GREAT result as our Glitter Slime Recipe! It really is such an easy slime recipe.

This sensory play activity is great for kids of all ages and in just a couple of minutes, the kids will be playing with this fun slime. Don’t delay on this simple ocean slime recipe! It’s so much fun to do!

DIY Ocean Slime recipe

Sea Ocean Slime

I can’t say that this is the easiest slime recipe, but it comes pretty close. The kids love when we make this clear blue slime because it’s the perfect setting for them to play with their ocean toys.

This no-borax slime recipe is perfect for an ocean theme party and is a great summer boredom buster idea as well. It also makes for a really cool slime gift idea, too. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can make this a fun slime party favor as well!

Here’s How to Make Ocean Slime

Make certain to grab the following slime ingredients prior to getting started.


adding glue and other ingredients to make saline slime recipe How To Make Slime

Step 1

Start by adding glue to a large mixing bowl

Step 2

Next, add a tiny bit of food coloring to your glue. Mix until the desired color is achieved. We used a very small amount to make a light blue color.

Step 3

Then, add in as much glitter as you’d like and mix well. We used about 1 teaspoon here.

Step 4

Add baking soda to the glue mixture and mix well.

Step 5

Finally, add in several squirts of saline solution and mix well. You want the mixture to not be sticky. So, keep adding solution and keep mixing until it does not stick to your hands.

Step 6

Knead well once it’s not sticky.

mixing and molding the blue slime recipe

That’s it! You now have the perfect Ocean Slime to play with! Add in your plastic ocean animals right into the slime mixture of add to the top and mix in. It’s up to you!

It’s the easiest blue ocean slime recipe, ever! You can make it even darker as well by adding in an extra drop of blue food coloring.

It’s safe to say that the kids will love this fun ocean slime recipe activity! It’s better than those basic slime recipes because it has the fun sea theme to go along with it! You can even add this DIY ocean slime activity to be the perfect summer science play!

This is great for the summer months and perfect for fine motor skills. It’s a great activity for the kids!

saline slime for kids

Making a safe slime recipe that is an alternative to a borax slime recipe is easy and affordable. PLUS, you get great results every time! This would also be super cute for a Little Mermaid party as well!

girl stretching incredible clear slime recipe

My kids LOVE to make slime and especially have fun with this Saline Solution Slime RecipeOcean Slime!

blue slime with sharks and ocean animals

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This Borax-Free Ocean Slime Recipe is sure to be the highlighted kids’ activity for any day!

How To Make Ocean Slime


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    How much slime does this make? I need to make 30, 6 oz. containers for party favors.

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