Make this summer fun for teens, but also help them get things done and even add in some reading time to help keep their minds learning and growing with these tips!

Schools are letting out all over and it is time for summer to begin! Although you want your teen’s summer to be enjoyable, you also want to make sure they are getting their chores done before they are glued to their phones or video games all day.

Most chore charts are geared towards younger children, so what do you do for your teens? I have some simple chores and tips to help your teen do more than scroll through their Facebook feed all day.

Chores For Teens

Chores For Teens This Summer To Keep Them Busy


Chores for Teens During Summer Break

Make a rule to set the summer off on the right foot, and share the chores have to be done before their phone comes out, they head to the pool, or hang out with friends. Teaching them to get their work done early will help them to be able to relax the rest of the day how they want.

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Teen Chores - Keep Home Clean Printable - A Cultivated Nest

Basic Tasks

Create a list that you can print out or write down on a whiteboard in your home. Have the basic items they need to do first thing in the morning before anything else. Items might include, getting dressed, making the bed, dog duties, etc. These are the basic tasks that they will be expected to do first thing in the morning. Here is a cleaning schedule printable that is really helpful to come up with a game-plan that you can stick with.

 First Boss

In a way, you can teach your teen that their chores are like their first job. They are expected to do the chores to the best of their abilities and listen when you are tasking out duties for them. It is your choice to pay them or not. You are teaching them to be responsible even if no one is watching them.

Chores for Teens - Chore Charts - Penny Pinchin Mom


After you have your basic tasks listed, then comes what you expect out of them chore-wise. Maybe you want them to unload and load the dishwasher, take the trash out, do laundry, sweep and mop the floors. Give them however many chores you feel is a good fit. Create a system that works for you and your home. Here are some great chore chart printables you can use for chore charts. Put in an old picture frame and grab some dry erase markers to re-use the same chart over and over.

Example of Chores:

  • Monday | Vacuum living room, wash bedding, dog duties.
  • Tuesday | Clean out the car, babysit siblings, dog duties.
  • Wednesday | Run errands, sweep deck.
  • Thursday | Laundry, yard work.
  • Friday | Sweep and mop floors, dog duties, babysit siblings.



Teen Chores - Teen on Phone

Set Schedule For Electronics

Create a schedule that shows how long your teen can mess with their video games, tablet, smartphone, or computer during the day. If they complete that amount of time on their phones, they can read a book for 30 minutes, do a few extra chores, or even exercise for a while before they are able to get more time for electronics. You can create a list of extra chores they can pick up and do if they want more screen time. This is a really helpful option is to set a time limit, and make them work for more time.

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When you delegate chores to teens it is beginning to really teach them responsibility. Soon they will be heading off to college, and keeping a clean home, cleaning up after themselves and doing laundry are important life skills that they can carry on through the years. Make this summer fun but also help them get things done and even add in some reading time to help keep their minds learning and growing.


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