If you have a wine rack you no longer use, consider putting it to good use around your home. I want to share a bunch of ways you can use wine racks in the home that have nothing to do with alcohol.

I will share ways to utilize a wine rack in your bathroom, bedroom, and other areas of your home, in creative and fun ways! Step outside the box, and give one of these wine rack ideas a try.

pin image that reads ways to use wine racks in the home that having nothing to do with booze

Wine racks offer a great way to showcase cool wine bottles but you can do so much more than just use them for wine storage. The next time you’re tempting your favorite bottles and notice that your simple wine rack is empty, try one of these unique designs to start a fun project that you just might love.

Did you know most wines are said that they need to be stored upright, and not on their side? I had learned this a while back and thought then what good is a wine rack?! The beauty of wine racks is they come in all different varieties.

Huge ones that hold tons of wine, smaller ones, wood ones, metal ones, and all things in between.

Don’t worry I got you covered on ideas on how to use the rack. Love a good hack, check out these baby oil hacks.

How to Use a Wine Rack to Store Yarn in your Craft Room Yarn Storage

Wine Rack Uses Around The Home

If you like to work with yarn in crafts or even crocheting, you might have an abundance of yarn laying around. Grab your wine rack and place your rolls of yarn inside the rack. Depending on the size and shape of your wine rack you might be able to fit a few different yarns in one single hole. It will look nice and neat and add color to your room.

I find that with my growing collection of yarn, a small wine rack is perfect for holding my yarn easily.

Towel Rack

Sit a wine rack on a counter, cupboard, or hang on the wall and place your towels in it. This will give your room an element of design and can look like a fun statement piece for the room. This is a great use of space as well if you have a small bathroom in the home.

Water Bottles

Do you drink out of a lot of reusable water bottles in your home? You can use a wine rack to easily store your reusable bottles so you can grab and fill them and head out the door quickly. No more rummaging through a cupboard to find what you need. Such a creative idea, right?

How to Use a Wine Rack To grow Strawberry plantsGarden Display

Take your wine rack outdoors and make it a fun display piece with plants in each little area where the bottles of wine would go.

If your wine rack has holes you could use plywood to place in the areas to help cover so it will hold potting soil. Then you can plant items like succulents, or strawberries in each slotted area, and leave it out for display.

Only use plants that will drape or not grow in an up way, so it doesn’t fall out of the rack.

Magazine Holder

Store your magazines in the wine rack for easy access. Sit by your bed or even recliner for your reading time later in the evening. Just roll up the magazine and slide it into a slot.

This is an awesome idea if you’re a magazine junkie like me. It’s the best solution for proper storage for various materials.

pencils and a paper binder

Office Supplies

Whether you use it in your office or craft room, you can buy little plastic acrylic containers that can easily slide into each spot in the wine rack. Then you can place items like pens, markers, paintbrushes, etc. into each one of the wine rack holes.

This is an elegant way to easily grab what you need and display it in the room. It offers a neat look as well. This is a simple way to keep your home office looking sharp.

Shoe Holder

Take your wine rack into your mudroom or closet and use it to store shoes. If you have a bunch of slip-on shoes, they will slide right into the hole if you have the right size wine rack for the job. Your wine rack will really be like a piece of furniture.

If you can add a personal touch, do so! It just might be the perfect way to store your shoes.

In The Kitchen

Take your cling wrap, aluminum foil, and other kitchen essentials and place them in the wine rack holes. This is a great holder that you can easily see what item is what, and use when needed.

A wine rack in the kitchen is a wonderful addition that can clear the clutter on the dining table or give new life to your kitchen space.


How do you clean a wine rack?

Be sure that no matter how you use it, you keep it clean! This is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth to get rid of dust.

Can you put a wine rack in living room?

You bet! You can easily store a wine rack in the living room, or any room of the house! This is especially true if you’re using it for some other reason than storing wine!

Do wine racks make good gifts?

Wine racks are great gifts! A small metal wine rack is a great gift idea, especially if you want to add a bottle of their favorite wine!

Encourage them to use the wine rack for something unique and fun as well!

You can also make a homemade wine rack to store your wine if you find that you’ve used your favorite wine rack for one of these other good option ideas!

The great thing about wine rack ideas is that you can try them out and see how they work for you. They may be the best option or you might need to find a good choice elsewhere.

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