Baby Oil isn’t just for babies! Try these 15 Beauty Tips and Hacks for Baby Oil for silky smooth skin, cleaning brushes and more!

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Any mom probably has a half used open bottle of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil tucked away in the back of their bathroom cabinet. Pull that bottle out and use it up with one or more of these awesome beauty tips and hacks that use baby oil! Let me enlighten you with a handful of ways you can use baby oil when it comes to your skin and beauty. This oil that is meant to be used on babies, is an affordable and effective way to get that silky smooth skin you are dreaming of.

Beauty Tips and Hacks For Baby Oil

Baby oil is 98% mineral oil and just 2% fragrance. Now if you don’t like the fragrance you can buy unscented oil. I personally love that baby smell, it reminds me when our kids were little. Even though my kids have outgrown the need for baby oil, I still keep this item stocked. It has so many other uses and benefits I can’t resist buying it. Plus for a beauty product, it is very affordable, and we all need some affordable items in our arsenal!

15 Beauty And Hacks For Using Baby Oil


15 Beauty And Hacks For Using Baby OilSkin

1. Hydrate Skin. After you hop out of the shower, towel dry and then apply baby oil to your skin. This is a great way to skip scrubbing an oily tub after you bathe. A little goes a long way, and will really add moisture and hydration to the skin.

2. Massage. Give your body a massage using baby oil. This is a great alternative to massage oils and works just as good if not better.

3. Shaving. Use baby oil to shave with to get that close shave you desire without the unwanted razor burn. Baby oil works as a bonus as it hydrates your skin as well.

4. Remove Wax. If you had your legs or underarms waxed and still feel sticky residue lingering, use baby oil to help lift up the wax easily. Just massage a little oil where the wax is and it will pull it right up.

5. Makeup Remover. When you run out of makeup remover grab your baby oil. It will help lift up the stuck on eyeshadow without the need to scrub. Then just wash face like normal after.

6. Cracked Heels. If you struggle with really dry heels, apply baby oil to your feet before bed and put socks on. In the morning take the socks off and rinse and dry your feet. This will help add moisture to those dry heels and get them feeling better.

7. Sugar Scrub. Making a homemade sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin in the shower and wash away any dead skin. Plus if you self-tan you will need to exfoliate your skin to get that smooth tan you are hoping for. You can use sugar scrubs all year round.

15 Beauty And Hacks For Using Baby Oil


8. Makeup Brush Cleaner. Every other time I go to clean my makeup brushes I use a brush cleaner and then the next time baby oil. It helps keep the bristles soft and I do it every other time so they don’t become too soft over time. The baby oil really helps to nourish and keep my makeup brushes in nice condition.

9. Ends of Hair. If your ends are looking a little dry and in need of some nourishment, apply a tiny dab of baby oil in your hands, rub it around and apply just to the ends of your hair. It will help nourish and give your hair a nice shine. Don’t over-do it or it will look greasy.

10. Eyebrows. If your eyebrows are needing to be tamed down, use baby oil. Get a brush a little damp with the oil and brush your brows over. It will help push down any stray hairs and give you that smooth brow look.

11. Cuticles. Use baby oil to soften your cuticles when you give a DIY pedicure or manicure. It works just as good as a cuticle oil and cost a lot less.

12. Lip Care. Mix a little sugar with baby oil and apply to your lips. Gently scrub your lips to help pull off any dead skin and hydrate your lips. Once done rinse with water, pat dry and apply a lip cream or moisturizer.

13. Under-Eye Gel. If you ran out of your under-eye gel, grab your baby oil. Apply a dab under each eye and massage in. After about 5 minutes come back and wipe away any excess oil you have. This is a great way to help reduce under eye darkness, bags, and puffiness. I do this before bed.

14. Manicure Saver. Apply baby oil around the perimeter of your nails so that if you are painting your nails and get on your skin it won’t stick. Makes for a perfectly clean manicure every single time.

15. Tinted Moisturizer. If you are out of tinted moisturizer and don’t want to apply a full face of makeup, grab that oil. Add a couple drops to some foundation, mix and apply to your skin for that same effect as a tinted moisturizer.

15 Beauty And Hacks For Using Baby Oil

JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil has been my go-to for as long as I can remember. From baby lotions, soaps and bubble baths to baby oil and more – JOHNSON’S® is a trusted brand for baby and beyond!

Walmart is the best place to find the best deals on JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil for all of these beauty hacks! You can find it in the store near the diapers and wipes or even in the beauty care aisles near lotions and soaps. AND if you’re a mama with limited time (who isn’t!) shop online and pick up in store! Score!!!

What unique ways do you use baby oil?

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