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One of the great things about making my kid’s lunches each day is not only knowing that they’re having a great meal that they love and that’s good for them, but also I can also send them a little hug in the form of a note each day!

Yes! I do this every single day! Sometimes it has a inspirational quote or verse, sometimes it’s a count down to the end of the week or sometimes it simply says ” I love you”. I wasn’t really sure if my kids read my notes each day since they have very little itme to eat at school. I was sure they probably tossed it aside in the rush to sit down and eat. But, one day my oldest asked me if I forgot to put in a note because she looked for it and coudn’t find it. Love.

Sending a note with your kid’s doesn’t have to be fancy or store bought – mine are usually note cards or post it notes with stickers and colorful words. Kids love that! They love to color with bright markers and stick stickers all over things and they love it when mom does the same! I recently tried out the NEW BIC Mark-It® permanent markets and I love them! They come in so many colors and are perfect for writing notes, craft projects and more! #SummerMelon

BIC Mark-It permanent markers comes in:

​ 36 packs for fine and ultra fine tip sizes for endless inspiration and 8 packs of Metallic colors. There’s no lack of choices for there’s a marker of every color you’d need!

  BIC Mark-It™ markers offer bold, vibrant colors that are low odor and acid free (no added acid, no measurable pH) making them family-friendly. That’s a good thing when you have kids around and that always want to help out!

BIC is encouraging you to keep writing and creating this season with awesome products like BIC® Mark-it permanent markers and #BICMerryMarking – inspirational ideas to make the holidays bright. You can get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking by clicking here! There’s a ton of wonderful projects to get started on over the holiday break! I am going to challenge my sister, Kari, my sister-in-law, Jenifer and Trisha from Momdot to create a fun craft with your kids over the Christmas break! I know you all like a good project!

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