Today is my first born’s 7th Birthday. WOW! Where has the time gone? I remember it like it was yesterday, that sweet little LOUD baby came into our lives. She stole our hearts right away and made us jump into parenthood quickly by her demanding schedule and ways. She hasn’t changed much. Haha! I wish I could say that she got that wonderful quality from my husband, but truth be told…the apple doesn’t far from the (MY) tree.


Ella has grown into a beautiful, loving girl. Just this year, I’ve seen her go from a child into an older more mature girl with glimpses of what being a preteen may look like. Whoo…it sure comes on quickly! LOL She’s a best friend to her brother and the best big sister to her little sister. She mothers them both and is able to be trusted to help out when I need her – which is a lot! She’s an excellent student in school and loves to learn. She loves God and is quick to quote scripture she’s learned when it applies in life. She loves music and is always dancing and singing and she can make you laugh with her when that infectious laugh gets going.


We have a great weekend planned for her birthday but started the day off today with Birthday Cake Pancakes! You’ve gotta love Pinterest!! I’ll have the recipe up soon…be on the lookout! In the meantime, check out this past posts from Ella’s birthday, it’s always a fun time!

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Pajama Party Fun – Ella Turns 6!


Happy Birthday my sweet girl. Mommy love you.



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  1. SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) says:

    Happy Birthday Kiddo 🙂 hope your day is awesome and the year ahead!!! 7 brings a whole new year of fun and sparkles!!!

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