What can you substitute for eggs in cake mix?! If you’re in a pinch and need an easy substitute for eggs that will actually work, we’ve got you covered!

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Have you ever needed a substitute for eggs in cake mix? I sure have! There have been many occasions when I started mixing up a boxed cake mix and then realized I had no eggs. What is there to do?!

Luckily, there are plenty of substitutes you can use to replace eggs in cake mix. In fact, there are seven! And I will tell you about every one of them so you can pick the best egg substitute for your specific type of cake. 

Why Do You Need Eggs in Cake Mix?

Before I tell you about all the great egg substitutes, I wanted to quickly explain why you need eggs in cake mix (or any cake, for that matter!). Eggs are pretty important to cakes in a few different ways. Here is a little look at what eggs do:

  • Eggs act as a binder, holding the ingredients together so that the cake doesn’t just crumble apart. Think of how firm eggs get when you cook them in a skillet. The proteins in the eggs get just as firm when they bake in a cake. Think of the eggs as the glue that holds your cake together!
  • Eggs also help leaven a cake. They expand as they bake and help the cake rise, making it nice and fluffy. 
  • Eggs add fat to the cake mix, giving it a rich and creamy taste and texture. 

Eggs do a lot! They are not an ingredient you can really skip. However, they are an ingredient you can replace. So, let’s dive into that! 

Best Substitute for Eggs in Cake Mix

If you’re looking for a substitute for eggs in cake mix, try one of these ideas:


Applesauce is a great, easy substitute for eggs in cake mix. It has a nice fruity taste that goes well with most sweet cakes. It also makes the cake very moist. 

Cake mix made with applesauce will be a little more dense. Only replace up to four eggs in one recipe or your cake will come out a little bit rubbery. Luckily, most box cake mixes only require one or two eggs, so applesauce will work perfectly!

Replace one egg with ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce—both store-bought and homemade applesauce will work. Mix it into the cake mix as you would if you were using an egg and you are ready to bake!


Mash up a ripe banana and you have a perfect egg substitute. Just like applesauce, bananas will give your boxed cake mix a fruity flavor and a little bit of extra sweetness. It will also help the cake bake with a nice golden brown color. 

Be sure to use ripe bananas (the riper, the better!) and mash them until very smooth. Use ¼ cup mashed banana to replace each egg in your boxed cake mix. One medium banana will give you a little more than half a cup. 


Plain, unsweetened yogurt works well to replace eggs in boxed cake mix. It is packed with protein, just like eggs, and it will make your cake very moist and dense. Once again, it is best to only replace up to four eggs with plain yogurt, or the texture of your cake will get a little chewy. 

I like to use Greek yogurt, which is thicker than regular yogurt. A quarter cup of plain yogurt is all you need to replace one egg. 

Ground Flaxseeds

Want to know how to make a flaxseed egg? I can tell you! Flaxseed eggs are actually pretty cool and work really well in boxed cake mixes. Ground flaxseed will help bind your cake mix just like eggs. They will add a slightly nutty taste, but with all that sweet frosting and cake mix, you probably won’t even notice!

Be sure to use ground flaxseeds, not whole flaxseeds, which will not work the same. Mix one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds together with three tablespoons of water. This mixture will make one flax egg. Let the mixture sit for about 2-3 minutes to thicken and then it is ready to use!


Silken tofu is a great vegan egg substitute for boxed cake mix. Add ¼ cup of silken tofu to a food processor and puree until it is very smooth. Use the tofu puree to make your boxed cake mix and you will have a perfect, egg-free cake!

Quick Tip

Only replace up to two eggs in a cake recipe with silken tofu. More than this and the cake will become very dense. 

Protein Powder

Vanilla or chocolate protein powder is the perfect egg replacement in cake. It is a little sweet, easy to use, and it will give your cake a flavor boost. 

Eggs have a lot of protein and the egg protein is what helps with the structure of the cake. Using protein powder to make cake mix will do the same thing! 

Mix a tablespoon of protein powder with three tablespoons of water. Use this mixture to replace one egg in your cake recipe; replace no more than three eggs. 

Chickpea Water

The liquid inside a can of chickpeas can actually be used to replace eggs in cake mix. This thick water is called “aquafaba” and it is a great vegan way to replace eggs. You can even beat the aquafaba and it will get fluffy and light, just like whipped egg whites. It is pretty cool!

I like to use chickpea water to replace egg whites since it has the same texture. Two tablespoons of aquafaba are perfect for replacing one egg white in a cake recipe. However, you can also use three tablespoons of chickpea water to substitute one whole egg. The mild taste will hardly be noticeable in your cake! 

Things You Can Substitute for Egg in Cake Mix

If you are out of eggs or maybe looking for a vegan egg substitute for cake mix, all of these perfect egg replacements will work. You can make a fantastic boxed cake without any eggs at all! Try all of the substitutes and see how each one bakes. Let me know which egg substitute for boxed cake mix is your favorite (I’m a big fan of the mashed banana!). Happy baking!

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    Thanks for the baking tips,I used flax and fennel seeds in my cake mix when I made a upside down pineapple cake. Now I am short one egg, but I just read I can use flax seeds in place of an egg. Thank again

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