These 4 Simple Tips to Stay Organized will help your days and nights go much smoother at home! 

We have all had those days; misplaced your keys, couldn’t find your wallet and it set off an entire day of pure chaos, being late and not getting what you needed to done.

These 4 Simple Tips to Stay Organized can greatly improve your home to make your life easier and less chaotic.

Here's a few Simple Tips To Stay Organized that make it easier than you think!First things first, declutter!

I know that this is the last thing that you want to hear, but in order to remove the chaos and begin seeing results from organizing, you MUST clear out the clutter. In order to be and stay organized you have to start this process and make decisions on what is needed and what can be tossed. You can do this in a very easy manner; either set aside a few days to do it all or do one/two rooms every week (set aside a certain day of the week to do it).

Each room should be gone through, have a garbage bag/bin and a donate bag/bin handy before starting to declutter and purge. For anything that you keep, make sure it has a place that it belongs, no miscellaneous bins!

Create “homes” for the things that you use or need frequently.

Items such as your keys and wallet should have a ‘home’ and be put there right when you walk in the door. Once you start this habit you will never wonder where you set your keys, and you will eliminate the frantic mornings trying to find them, get the kids to school/daycare on time and still make it to work.

Plan out what you know you are going to need.

This applies to every member of your family. Before bed, plan outfits for the next day and set them out. This makes for a no-fuss morning. You can also plan things such as breakfast; have dishes, silverware and pans set out the night before so that it’s ready. You can even pre-prep lunches and certain foods for the next day to stay on top of things. This allows more time in the morning to do other things that you normally wouldn’t have time to do, creating a stress-free morning.

Duplicate things.

If you are in need of the same item in more than one area of the house, can you purchase two of them? If you always need scissors by your desk, but also in the kitchen, have two and put one in each of those rooms. You’ll also have less of a chance of losing them!

You can apply this to any item that you use frequently in more than one room. Many families even have two vacuums, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. This makes life easier, keeps you organized and your work flow going when cleaning and completing tasks.

Keeping organized isn’t too hard when you plan! Follow these 4 Simple Tips to Stay Organized easily!

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