Baseball season is here! That means my 8 year old is spending A LOT of time in dirt. You know, when you’re 8, it’s mandatory to slide into home whenever it’s humanly possible no matter what your mom says about trying not to get TOO dirty, right??!! Yep. I’m pretty sure that’s the rule. Slide whenever possible and ESPECIALLY if you have on WHITE PANTS!

Who’s silly idea was it to have 8 year olds wear WHITE on dirt fields. Well, I can definitely tell you that it was NOT a mother. ha! Getting my kids’ laundry clean is normally a chore, but when you add ground in dirt to the mix, OH BOY! That’s when I need to reach for the big guns!

There’s one way that I’ve found that is a SURE WAY to get my laundry clean – from normal everyday wear to filthy, dirty baseball pants –  and I’m going to share that secret with you right now! Here it is! Are you ready for this??!!!

There's one way that I've found that is a SURE WAY to get my laundry clean - from normal everyday wear to filthy, dirty baseball pants - and I'm sharing that secret!

I’m sharing Tide Pods in my life as part of a Tide® sponsored series for Socialstars

YES! These NEW Tide Pods are a lifesaver!


Just 2-3 pods will get a large load of laundry unbelievably clean! Throw TIDE PODS with Downy®  into the wash BEFORE clothes right into the drum. They actually dissolve with warm or cold water. That’s a huge plus! 


Just look at this boy, his pants are white again! I really didn’t think that would ever happen and we’ve only played 3 games! haha! We have so many more to go!

There's one way that I've found that is a SURE WAY to get my laundry clean - from normal everyday wear to filthy, dirty baseball pants - and I'm sharing that secret!

By just throwing Tide Pods into the wash BEFORE the clothes go in, I’m able to remove stains, brighten clothes and wash them. That’s a lot of products in one which means you’re saving money, too! That’s a WIN for this mom! Tide Pods are safe in your HE machines and regular machines. No need to look for the right “kind” – they both work! Good deal!

You don’t have to worry about your 8 year old sliding into home (whether it’s necessary or not!) or your 2 year old getting chocolate ice cream all over her white dress after church because you can have the safety net of TIDE PODS and know  they’re going to work to get your laundry sparkling clean – every time!

Use a quality detergent ensures your clothes remain looking great! Tide Pods with Downy* make Laundry a no-brainer with 4-in-1 technology, plus Downy helps to protect your clothes from overwashing. Pop them in at any temperature and your clothes come out clean, fresh, and smelling great, all while protecting them with Downy!

Tide PODS® Plus Downy laundry detergent pacs offer the Tide clean you love, now with Downy Fabric Protect. To enjoy great cleaning results, use 4-in-1 laundry pacs to clean, brighten, fight stains and protect your clothes every time you do laundry. Tide PODS® works with both high efficiency and standard washers. Its HE Turbo technology provides 6x the cleaning power in half the time.

Tide PODS take the guess work out of laundry!

*like all household products, keep out of reach of children

Check out the NEW TIDE PODS Plus Downy for all your laundry needs! I have a feeling you’re gonna love them like I do! And make sure to pass my secret onto other moms!



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