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Trail Mix Recipe is a fun back to school snack! You can use it for lunch boxes, picnics, and school treats. It has all the tastes and textures kids love.

After a busy summer, it is already time to go back to those routines and schedules. Are you ready? I know I am! I love the school season. After spending all summer together doing sports and taking fun trips, it is time for books, new clothes, and busy calendars.

It’s also time for making sure my pantry is full of snacks. I need individually-portioned things that I can quickly put in their lunchboxes and they can eat after school. Do your kids come home hungry too? It seems like right after a hug they go straight for the food!

With kids in sports and activities, I don’t have much time to think about or plan out intricate recipes for after school snacks and lunches. I need something that I can grab and go in just a few minutes.


trail mix with welch's fruit snacks

Easy Back to School Trail Mix Recipe – With Fruit Snacks

trail mix in a bowl with welch's fruit snacks



Trail Mix for Kids

My favorite snack to make for my kids is a big container of trail mix. It lasts at least the entire week and can go in their lunchboxes and be eaten right after school or after dinner.

I love creating different types of trail mix with my kids. They pick out their favorite snacks and we put it all together in one bowl. Then, we just need to dish them out into individual bags.

What to Put in Trail Mix

Make this trail mix with your kids. What is the secret to a really memorable one? You’ll want to include:

  • Something sweet
  • Something salty
  • Something crunchy
  • Something chewy

The secret to a really fantastic trail mix is a variety of flavors and textures.

welch's fruit snacks

Our Favorite Trail Mix Ingredient

My kids and I always agree on Welch’s® Fruit Snacks as one of the ingredients. They love how sweet and chewy they are. In fact, they always sort through the trail mix and pick them out first.

I love that fruit is the first ingredient. They are made with Real Fruit and you can tell by the taste! It’s no wonder they are America’s Favorite Fruit Snacks.

welch's fruit snacks with notes for kids

Salty, Chewy And Sweet Trail Mix Recipe

trail mix

This trail mix recipe will only take you a few minutes to put together. Feel free to make it your own. This recipe is easy to adjust and personalize.

trail mix ingredients

Ingredients for trail mix

  • Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  • Cereal
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate covered raisins
  • Pretzels
  • Mixed nuts

Just mix all the ingredients together. It’s one easy step! Visit the Welch’s Fruit Snacks store locator here to find out where you can purchase these yummy treats!

How to Store Trail Mixtrail mix ingredients

This trail mix will last about a month if you store it in an airtight container. It will stay fresh longer than it will take for your kids to gobble it up!

There are a few ways you can store this so it lasts.

  • In gallon zippered plastic bags.
  • In a plastic tub with a lid.
  • In large mason jars with a lid.
  • In individual zippered plastic bags.

Delicious, Fun, and Quick Snack Idea

trail mix recipe for kids

Parents, we all need snack ideas that we can make in a jiffy and our kids will enjoy. This is that recipe. The busy school season is the perfect time to find a reliable favorite that you can go to when you need something effortless. Grab some Welch’s Fruit Snacks and let the snack time become even happier!

More Easy Back to School Ideas

If you need more time-saving ideas during this busy time of year, I’ve got your back!


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