Nostalgia! I love that feeling! When you see, hear, or smell something and it takes you back in time to better days! I think we could all use a little bit of that right now, don’t you agree? Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies definitely brings me those feelings!

animal crackers at Costco

Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies takes me allll the way back to elementary school. Back when my biggest problem in life was solved by double knotting my shoelaces. Man, to be a kid again.

So since we are all on some sort of lockdown, we need a big box of nostalgia right? Feel good memories and fewer trips out! Well, Costco happens to be selling a mega-sized giant box of Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies!

All of the animal shapes you know and love in a sugar cookie that is covered with pink and white frosting and topped with rainbow nonpareil sprinkles.

You can, of course, still buy them in 11-ounce bags, 12 pack 1-ounce bags, and 20 pack 1-ounce bags. But, why would you want to tease yourself like that when you know there is a giant box waiting for you at Costco?

The box at Costco is a 30 pack! This means there are 30 1-ounce bags of delicious Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies! So easy to grab on the go, or snack on whenever and wherever you like! That is one bag for every day of a month!

Mothers Circus animal crackers

Product Details

  • 150 Calories
  • 7g Sat Fat
  • 50mg Sodium
  • 12g Total Sugars
  • 30-count
  • 1 oz pouches
  • Total Net Weight: 30 oz

You can buy them in stores, or order them online from Costco’s website for delivery! The online price is $10.99 but you may find them in your local store cheaper. If you order for delivery you can get them in just 2 business days as long as you order by 12 pm.

I am ready for this! I guess I need to order at least two giant boxes so I can share with the kids or something.

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