Remember my beautiful Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Front door?

Wythe Blue Door

Well, I decided that I just had to bring that amazing color inside my house, too! I painted the front door inside, as well!

Here’s the BEFORE:


And here’s the AFTER:

Wythe Blue Door

I love it! I love how it just pops right inside the entry way.

Wythe Blue Door

I am also in love with this Pottery Barn Sisal Rug I found online for only $24! I don’t know if it was a mistake or not because it was backordered for like 5 months. But for that price, I didn’t care! It’s held up so well. Even through the Winter slush and yuk.

Pottery Barn Rug

Since I painted the door, I thought that it was a good time to paint all the trim in this room, too. Oh boy. How I love painting trim. NOT! haha! I do LOVE the way it looks – so it’s worth it. I used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s my favorite white and I have it on the other trim in my house. I always use a semi-gloss for trim. It makes it pop! Love it!

Simply White Benjamin Moore

Do you think it would be a little much if I painted all my doors this color? I love it!

Wythe Blue Door

Do you have a color that you love and use throughout your house?


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  1. Temptedbysugar says:

    I love the color. I have it on my kitchen cabinets, it’s the color of my 2Ikea love seats, and we painted the front door, the door that leads to the laundry room and the one to the basement, the guest bathroom, and foyer closet all the same color. No fear here!

  2. Kathy Fitzsimmons says:

    I like the color change. It really brightens things up. The thing I do not get is the knocker on the door. Is that for when the dwarfs visit? Really, since you have the glass it negates having a knocker and looks out of place.

    1. Hey Kathy! Well, that knocker was there when I bought the house – so if I took it off, there would be holes. And yes, I ran an in-home daycare so the kids (dwarf size) LOVED using it when they came in each day. I’m not sure if you can tell but the door is up two steps from porch level, so it was actually used by everyone.

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