Now that the party’s over and you’ve got a gazillion poms lying around, what are you to do with them?

You pitch them in the trash, but that would be a shame.You could give them to your best friend who’s having a party coming up – but what are the chances? Or you could re-purpose them in your own home and enjoy them year-round! That’ exactly what I decided to do once Ella’s big Pajama Party was over!

Since I have a very girly, girl with a girly girl bedroom, we decided to hang some in her room.

Ella Room

 What a perfect way to add a little color and fun into a little girl’s bedroom!


I like to hang the poms in cluster for more of an impact.


They just look so pretty hanging together. I’ve seen photos of up to 10 poms hanging together and I love the way it looks. I just might have to make a pom mobile for baby #3 if she’s a girl! How adorable would that be?!

playroom poms

Since I had a some more left. I hung one from the light fixture in the playroom. Instant decor change.


The pom just adds a little whimsy and fun to the room! The kids were excited to see it hanging there and it may or may not sometimes become the target of a few flying balls.


Here’s another pom hanging over the changing table area. It keeps a squirmy  baby’s attention while trying to change a diaper.

By being a little creative, there are many ways you can re-purpose your poms from a party. Definitely don’t throw them away! If you can’t use them, I’m sure someone else will. They are too fun and beautiful to waste!

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