There are some crafty or wanna be crafty mammas out there. My daily stats prove it.


My #1 post of all time on All Things Mamma is “How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms“, # 2 – “How To Make Cakeballs Cupcake Style“, “Followed by “How To Make a Butterfly Mobile” and “How To Make A Cupcake Wrapper Door Number“. And the list goes on… Moms everywhere are looking for a new and fun project to do at home. Look at Pinterest. It’s the #3 Social Media site behind Facebook and Twitter. There’s a TON of inspiration on there. Even if I don’t do a 1/10th of the projects I pin – it sure is fun to look them up and maybe do them someday!

Pinterest sure gives you a lot of great ideas on how to improve something. Take these jars that sit on my counter.


I fill them with Flour and Sugar. Now, they were pretty cute to begin with. But, once you add an adorable chalk board label, it bumps the cuteness factor up a few notches. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it came from my awesome friend, mom of 5, Ashlee’s idea. She took black contact paper, used her Silhouette and cut out this fancy little shape and then gave it to me! YAY! Friends are awesome! I picked up a chalk marker – yes – market at Michael’s and personalized the labels.

chalk marker

These chalkboard markers are my new favorite thing! Look how neat and clean it is.


I even used it to write on an actual chalkboard at Andrew’s Birthday party and it turned out amazing!


So, for a fraction of the cost it would be to run out and buy labels or chalkboard paint, contact paper worked like a charm! Who would have ever thought about doing that without Pinterest? Well, maybe Ashlee did. I didn’t even ask her. But, I would NOT have thought of it myself.

What are some of your favorite Pinterest projects you’ve done or gotten inspiration from? I’d love for you to link me up! While your here, take a look at my Pinterest tab. There’s a lot of my favorites there, too!

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  1. Very cute! Makes me wish I was better about tackling my Pins… I think I’ve actually tried out 2 recipes from Pinterest and that is it!

    1. I would love to try more pins! I get distracted by pinning more things instead! haha!!

  2. Oh, totally from Pinterest. glad you liked them. I love mine too!

    1. Ooooo…I like the punch idea! I can do that myself. Where did you find the contact paper?

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