Hi everyone!

It’s a Monday – I’m not really fond of them. If you remember, Mondays are usually chaos and temper tantrums in my house.

But, I did have a good weekend!

We took the kids bike riding at the park on Saturday in the heat of the day. They loved it, but it sure was hot! Saturday night, we had some pizza at a local restaurant and the kids were really good. We headed to Barnes and Noble afterward for a little book shopping and dessert. I had the 7 layer dessert cookie. (Soooo yummy and not so good for my figure that I am constantly working on!)

Now, this was my 2nd trip to B&N that day. I don’t normally go there twice in one day, but that morning I headed out alone for some coffee and quiet time. It was nice and I needed it!

Sunday was Church picture day! For some odd reason, we scheduled it for before church. Not really a great idea considering we are normally at least 10 minutes late since this is the only day of the week the kids decide to sleep in. But, we made it and had time to spare! I was even able to snap a few shots before we left….

Church smiles
Church Smiles

Oh. My. Gosh. Are they not just stinkin’ adorable?!

They were practicing their smiles for the photo and I think they are pretty darn cute!

Sunday night dinner (which has become a tradition in our house) consisted of Grilled Salmon, corn on the cob, brown rice and ice cream. Wow…it was a great weekend for meals!

So, it’s on to the week. Ready to tackle whatever comes my way. How about you?

Happy Monday!

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