Hi there! I am Stefanie with Simple Acres…just thrilled to share a new family favorite with you! I love making meals for my family. A home cooked meal that is simple and quick is just what us busy moms need. Being a family that raises cattle, lean home grown beef is a cornerstone of many of our dinner meals. Join in as I share this Simple Shepherd’s Pie my family enjoys.
Simple Shepherd’s Pie
Serves 4-6
Time:30 minutes or less
Ground beef (1 packet)
Mashed potatoes or instant potatoes
Shredded cheese
Mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, green beans)
Brown gravy mix
1. Cook and brown ground beef in a skillet.
2. Add frozen mixed vegetables to ground beef.
3. In a separate pan cook brown gravy with 2 cups of water or per packet
4.Once gravy is thickened add into your skillet with your meat and vegetables.
5. Mix your ingredients in the skillet into a pyrex or pie dish
6. Steam and mash potatoes or make packets of potatoes for a quick alternative
7. Spoon mashed potatoes on meat, vegetable, and gravy mixture and sprinkle with shredded cheese.
8. Place Shepherd’s Pie in your oven for a quick melt. I placed it on high broil for 5-8 minutes.
Simple Shepherds Pie should be on your next dinner table! It's easy and delicious!
If you like the sound of this simple and delicious dish you may also enjoy this salad as well as this dessert.
I hope this Simple Shepherd’s Pie finds its way into you home soon and brings a feeling of comfort and nourishment to all that enjoy it! Dovidenia. XO

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  1. how much gravy? And how many mashed potatoes?

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