It’s back to work for me today! After a week full of cooking and running around, I’m ready for some easy, delicious meals for my family. Pillsbury is always there for me when I need a great go-to recipe that is affordable, quick and family-friendly!

The last thing I want to do is scratch my head thinking up a meal after the holidays have passed! Pillsbury is here to share some resourceful recipes from 2013 that utilize leftovers and satisfy those post-holiday cravings with quick and easy snacks.


1. Creamy Turkey and Broccoli Bake

Prep is simple, you probably have most of the ingredients on hand, and it’s a family favorite… what are you waiting for?

2. Mexican Casserole

Top a sassy Mexican filling with flaky Crescents in a quick and easy casserole ready in just 30 minutes.

3. Classic Turkey Pot Pie

Home-baked turkey pot pie is a snap when you start with refrigerated pie crust and frozen vegetables. Comfort food at its finest

4. Grands! Sausage-Stuffed Biscuit Waffles with Cranberry Syrup

Leftover cranberry sauce from your holiday festivities makes an easy, tasty topper for waffles made with Pillsbury® biscuits!

5. Ham & Cheese Crescent Roll Ups

Ham and cheese crescents are an easy and delicious weeknight dinner, ready in just 25 minutes.

6. Pepperoni Pizza Dippers

These deep-dish pizza dippers are made in a square baking pan and cut into strips for easy eating!

7. Slow Cooker Mexican Pork Tacos

Pillsbury® biscuits make great soft taco shells when cooked in the skillet.

8. Parmesan Chicken Mini Pies

Italian flavored mini pies made easy with frozen chicken bites.

9. Thai Shrimp Pizza (Bake-Off recipe)

You can have this tempting Thai pizza on your dinner table in just 30 minutes! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Thank you to Pillsbury for sharing these awesome recipes and photos for this post! 

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  1. Hi Supriya,My first time here and have already bomkearkod several of your recipes. (this one included). Definitely trying this flatbread in the next couple days.BTW, for your option 4, have you considered taking a quick picture of the recipe with your favorite camera / phone. I do it often and then put it into a pdf or whatever Have fun and thanks for sharing your recipes ~Varada

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