The first thing people see when they walk into your home is your entryway. It sets the tone for your whole house. You may have a state of the art kitchen, the most perfectly decorated living room or the cutest playroom on the block, but if your entryway is cluttered and drab, that’s the impression your guests will have of your entire home.

Having children means having a lot of stuff so it’s hard to keep your entryway clutter-free. It’s even harder when you run a daycare and have 6 kids and their stuff entering your home as well.

I knew I had to do something with our entryway – it wasn’t working. The chaos was driving me batty.

Here’s my before….

Blankets, shoes, school papers, coats, daycare sign-in sheet…lots of STUFF crammed on and under an old sewing machine table. The idea was nice, but it did not work for a home bustling with children and their belongings.

We needed a stylish and kid-friendly space to put all of our things, yet it had to be affordable and easy to find. (I’m all about convenience!)

So, what to do?

I checked out my latest issue of Pottery Barn and LOVED this stylish solution for all of your things!



I can’t afford Pottery Barn on a Daycare Provider’s budget.



I just LOVE JCPenney’s home selection! They have affordable, great quality items that look just like what you’d find in a Pottery Barn Catalog. I used them for our playroom furniture and it turned out beautiful!

A few clicks online, free shipping and within TWO DAYS, my furniture was here!

Not bad, huh?!

We have the whole look for A LOT less! And, you can’t see all the stuff the baskets are hiding.

We’ve assigned a basket to each child where they can keep their blankets, papers and other things. We even have a place on the middle shelf for our daycare sign-in sheet on a stylish clipboard from Target.

The whole set came in two boxes and was a snap to put together. We’ve been using this in our entryway for a few month’s now and I’m happy to say, it’s held up to the daily activity of a busy household.

I love the new look and love even more that it works. It works well for the storage I need and is beautiful. It’s all about living with the things you love and making them work in your household.

Do you have an entryway you’re proud of? Does it set the tone you want to set for your whole home?

Tell me!

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For over 15 years, Kasey Schwartz, the mastermind behind All Things Mamma, has been the ultimate go-to for mouthwatering family recipes. Her work has been featured on, Buzz Feed, Better Homes and Gardens, and more, making her your go-to mom next door for all things delicious and family-friendly.


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  2. Patricia@cheap sewing machine tables says:

    Kasey Its look so very great oh , keep it up dear 🙂 Maybe soon I will renovate my room like what you do . .

  3. That looks really cute and very functional too. We have a beautiful large mirror and a table in our entry way it looks nice but we are renting and it belongs to the home owner.

  4. That looks great! I may have to run across the border to check out JC Penny. My front hall drives me batty too.

  5. Amazing job on the entryway wifey, and you’re right, it sets the whole tone for coming into our house. I love it!

  6. NEVER enough storage! I’m always buying little boxes and baskets to shove – I mean – store things in. I’m also on a de-cluttering spree around here. Too much stuff!

    I love old photos and pictures! They give even the newest of homes charm and warmth!

  7. I need that set up. You can never have enough storage in your house right? And that looks super sharp. I see your older photos and laugh because that’s what my house looks like

  8. I LOVE JC Penney’s home section. There prices are very reasonable. I ordered our lighting for the dining room from them. Your entryway looks great! I just wish we HAD en entryway, haha. You just walk into our living room or laundry room.

    1. Thanks, Whitney!

      I love it there! (and I’m not getting compensation to say so! haha!!)

      I think you could create an “entry space” with a little table and maybe a lamp or photo over the top. I haven’t seen your space, but that’s why I did at my last house when you just walk in to the left of the door. It seemed to do the trick!

  9. I LOVE IT! You totally created the look! I have a really tiny entry way and would love something like this to organize it, but it would have to be the miniature version LOL

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda!

      At my last house, we didn’t have much of an entry way – you entered right into the living room. I was so happy to finally have a space to enter and not be right in the middle of it all!

      Good luck finding a miniature version! haha!!

  10. Kasey I love it! It looks so modern and organized! I need something in my entryway, even just a bench with storage inside would be great. Still haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, and no JC Penny in Canada. 😉

    1. Thanks, Tenille!

      I’m really happy with the simplicity of this area. It’s a perfect little area!

      I think you can find a bench-type thing at any Target-type store OR even

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