I’m a big believer in living with the things you love.

Living with the things you love doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the most expensive items to fill your home – anything you love will work. Whether you buy that amazing vase from Pottery Barn or a antique painting from a garage sale or you pick up an iron candle holder from TJ Maxx for $20, if you love it…it belongs in your home.

We tend to have homes full of stuff. Stuff we have to just fill up space or items that were handed down to us when we needed things to fill our home. The items in your home should make you feel good to look at or have a special memory attached. But, if it doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s not worth having. If you don’t love it…donate it, Craigslist it, Freecycle it, get rid of it.

Along with having items you love in your home, you need to have spaces you love. Rooms that when you walk into, you just feel comfortable. If you don’t have a whole room that you love, try creating your own little space or nook – even if it’s an area of the counter in the kitchen or a corner of the living room.

Your home should be a reflection of you. A place of comfort, rest and relaxation. Let your personality show by displaying your most treasured possessions and photographs and you can’t go wrong!

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For over 15 years, Kasey Schwartz, the mastermind behind All Things Mamma, has been the ultimate go-to for mouthwatering family recipes. Her work has been featured on Today.com, Buzz Feed, Better Homes and Gardens, and more, making her your go-to mom next door for all things delicious and family-friendly.


  1. I never really realized how neutral your house is.

    1. Is that good or bad?! LOL I like simple and clean. Neutral colors are the best backdrop – you can then add color and it looks so nice!

  2. You’ve made our home such a beautiful place and I love the “treasures” that you’ve filled it with!

  3. Night Owl mama says:

    I agree. Such pretty things. Sometimes we tend to clutter and keep just because I’m so bad at doing all of that but I’m getting better

    1. I know, I keep a lot, too! I’ve been on a de-cluttering spree lately!

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