What a weekend! We just celebrated Mother’s Day and the weekend couldn’t have been better!

Mother's Day

Saturday started off with Andrew’s Flag Football game. Boy…he sure LOVES playing! I knew when we found out that flag football was an option, nothing else would compare and I was right!

Andrew is so into the game. He watches football and plays football year-round! We DVR it and replay games over and over and over. haha! Even when he’s not on the field, he’s watching his teammates and cheering them on. He’s sure going to be a good team player as he gets older!

flag football

Next we shopped for plants and seeds for our NEW raised garden beds we built this year! I am soooo excited to share the whole process with you – from building the beds for an awesome price to a really good soil ratio to planting! It’s all coming this week! Be on the lookout!

raised flower beds

After that, Ella and I attended a baby shower for a very special friend and I made the cake and cupcakes! They turned out so yummy! This is a Strawberry and White cake with cream cheese filling and a swiss meringue buttercream on the outside in ruffles. So cute!

ruffle cake

ruffle cake

I even made cupcakes to match! The mommy-to-be is a fruit fan, so I made lemon cupcakes and topped them with more Swiss Meringue ruffles.

ruffle cupcakes

Sunday was just as nice! We attended church, took about 1001 pictures to get just one good one (it’s hard with 3 kids!) had lunch out at Panera and drove to another town to shop for flowers for our planters! I found some really nice flowers that I can’t wait to get into the pots! Looks like it will be tomorrow before I get them in.


After that we stopped by my sister’s house to wish her a happy 1st Mother’s Day and then on to Brian’s mom’s house for dinner and play time. It was a great impromptu day of fun!

kari flowers

Mother’s Day is always a hard holiday for me with not having my own mother here on earth with me. She would have loved these babies of mine so much! It hurts when I think about that and it hurts when these kinds of special days come around. But, having my own three blessings to love on and be thankful for, sure helps with the pain of not having a mom here. I get to see them run and play and laugh and smile and whine and cry (YES! that is part of our daily life, too!) and I get to thank God for them and for the blessing of being their mom.

kids fence

It’s not always easy and it’s not always fun – but it’s the life I’ve been given and I make a choice daily to be thankful and roll with it. I don’t always feel thankful when the going gets tough – but I always come back to it.


How was your Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Wonderful story and pictures! Made me cry 🙂 We are grateful for all your hard work as a mom, keeping our family together. Thank you! Love you!

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