It’s Memorial Day Weekend and we have some projects planned around here.

Remember that Hydrangea, that I hoped to get for Mother’s Day…well, here it is! It’s a beautiful blue color and it’s ready to be planted. I’ve been waiting on the ground to warm up a little and the weather to stay nice. It’s not been perfect, but I *think* it’s pretty safe to plant now.

I also picked up some plants at Lowe’s Memorial Day Sale yesterday. These guys were only $5 a piece! I’m gonna plant them in my pots instead of buying individual flowers. I would have probably spent more if I would have bought them individually.

And, then this area under the tree is ready for a make-over. My husband is getting a scoop of mulch and will be blanketing this and many other areas around our house today while I pick out the plants.

OH – and this guy is really ready to help! Cars are essential to yard-work.

What are your plans this weekend? Do you have any big projects?

Whatever your plans may be…have  a great one!


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  1. Ric Robinson says:

    Glad to see the weather gave you a break…finally!!

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