After using doTERRA Essential Oils for many years, I made the switch to Young Living Essential Oils. Come check out my reason why!

I am a huge essential oil user. I believe in them and share them with anyone who will listen. I have been a loyal user to one brand until now. You may have noticed that I switched sides if you follow me on Facebook and you’ll probably be surprised to read why I changed brands.

Here’s the deal!

Check out why I made the switch from doTERRA to Young Living Essential Oils below!

Why I Made The Switch From doTERRA to Young Living Essential Oils

Why I made the switch from doTERRA to Young Living Essential Oils

I was first introduced to essential oils several years ago at a Moms Group I was attending on a regular basis. I wasn’t new to essential oils as I had used them in my massage business years ago but I was new to HOW these moms were using the oils to help their family with various health ailments, for cooking and baking and for cleaning their home – all naturally with plant extracts!

I was intrigued to hear about this “new to me” way of treating my family instead of reaching for a bottle of over the counter medicine for every ache and pain and for cleaning my home with chemicals that cause a variety of health problems. Already trying to go the “green” route, I wanted to learn more!


book_pagesI had to learn more! So, I attended the first class that was available in my area that taught me more about how the oils are obtained, how safe they are and how to use them. I was so excited to get started using more essential oils in my home! I ordered my first kit and started experimenting with the oils right away!

What are the best essential oils to start with?

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First, I started by using lavender essential oil, one of the most common and basic essential oils, to help relax and calm my anxiousness and help me sleep. It worked well!

Next, I began using lemon essential oil to clean with and freshen my home. I was getting hooked! I couldn’t wait to try more!

Before long,  I had a chance to try these oils on my kids when my baby had an ear pain, to help with stuffy noses and barky coughs, to help kill yuks and boost our immune systems.

I was using them for my stress, sleeping issues, and headaches. I even used them on my husband for sore muscles and to improve skin issues.

WOW! I was amazed at how well they worked and continue to be amazed each time I see results for whatever I’m trying to treat!


The more I used the oils, the more I wanted to share with my friends and family. If  I was getting such great results with the oils – they could too! Just thinking of all the money they could save in co-pays, prescriptions, over the counter meds, cleaning products and more – was so exciting to me!

I started sharing.

I would share peppermint oil with my daycare parents for a pick-me-up.

I would share a balance and citrus blend with my friends to uplift bad moods.

I would share yuk fighting oils for cleaning and diffusing in the air.

My friends were also starting to respond!

So, I decided to start sharing the oils as a business. If I could help my friends and family, make a few extra dollars and earn points towards free oils for my family –  that’s a WIN! And, it’s been great!

I am able to share with you all on my blog and I’ve taught classes on using essential oils for cleaning and giving your medicine cabinet a new look with oils and cleaning products. It’s been a wonderful experience so far!

While I love doTERRA’s oils and I’d never say anything bad about them because they’ve helped my family so much – I  just wasn’t impressed with the business side and support I could get for sharing the oils.

Sure, I could go through a long training process on my own that took weeks and weeks, but the day to day support for learning, growing and sharing was lacking.

What is Young Living?

So, I began to look a little more into Young Living. I was impressed with their history and the Seed to Seal guarantee – which means that they are involved in their oils EVERY step of the way – from the seeds that are planted to the seal on the bottle that comes into my home. That is reassuring to me that I am getting the very best possible grade of essential oils possible!

I also love that Young Living has a huge support network for me. I am able to join Facebook groups, e-courses and more that are aimed at helping me to grow and achieve success in my oil useage and business.

What’s also great is that I don’t have to ever sell oils or even purchase if I don’t want to and I have the flexibility to order at any time.

However, I love sharing so much that I WANT to order more oils to learn more about them and share with my friends!

Young Living Lavender Field

Young Living isn’t just any essential oil – they carry a whole line of natural products for my family – cleaning products, nutrition, weight management, personal care products and even products for your kitchen!

With Young Living, they help remove toxins and chemicals from your lifestyle one product at a time. I love that! You can order lavender to help you relax, toothpaste and shampoo for your kids and cookware all from an essential oil company!

Young Living Products

I’ll be sharing more here on All Things Mamma, on my Facebook page, Instagram, and in my book, Essential Oils for a Clean and Healthy Home!

How do I get started using Young Living Essential Oils?

I would love for you to join me in this amazing adventure whether you want to order oils occasionally or if you’d like a new business that is promised to be successful if you want it to be! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or message me at

Ready to dive in?! Here’s how!




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