ella helps friend
Ella helping her friend, Katie

When your child enters Kindergarten, you hope that they make friends and aren’t spending their days alone on the playground, are kind and loving to others while learning some new things and that they LOVE school. I am very grateful to say that my Ella has done all those things during the first few months of school.

Ella started out the year already knowing her ABC’s and 123’s so I knew that she was starting out on the right foot. She came home daily excited about what she had learned and excited to go back in the mornings. What’s really cool, is that she will come home each day, gather the 5 remaining daycare children, and “teach” them all that she had learned during the day. There is circle time, craft time, song time, reading and math time plus lots more!

I’ve been very happy with my 5 year old’s experience at Kindergarten so far and the highlight of the year came just the other day while we were browsing at a book store. We sometimes head to Barnes and Noble on Saturday for some reading, dessert and coffee (us, not the kids!). It’s a great way to spend a little quality time with the kids without it involving a lot of other kids running around and screaming and being crazy.

While in the kids section checking out the easy reader books, Ella picked up a book and began to read: “Brother Bear goes hunting bullfrogs.” YES – she was reading a Berenstain Bears book to us right there in the aisle! She looked up at us in shock and amazement and said, “I did it! I just read!”. We were all so excited! Brian and I both started to tear up and Ella just kept on reading! It was an amazing moment in my sweet girl’s life that we were able to share with her right there in the middle of a giant bookstore. It all just clicked in her head at that very moment. All these months of learning letter sounds and sight words all came together in her little brain. It’s so amazing!

Ella reading
Ella reading

Since then, she has been book worm! She reads before bed, when she gets up in the morning, all the signs around us, books to the other kids, anythings she can get her hands on. I am so happy for her and had to share this big news in our family with all of you!

Do you remember when your child first started reading or maybe he is yet to start? What do you do together to help foster the love of reading in their life? Share with me!

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  1. Mine read at 5 from teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons! a great book

  2. Virag AKA Escapist Mom says:

    Mine started to read in preschool at the age of 6, and everything came all of a sudden, she just started to fluently read without any warning. That was a shock! 🙂

  3. Ric Robinson says:

    I’m very proud of you, Ella!!!!

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