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I am on the never-ending mission to update our home with beautiful colors and decor on a budget. I LOVE to decorate my home and make it a comfortable place for my family and everyone who visits. It was a passion of my mom’s growing up and now I love to do the same in my home. We’ve almost painted every. single. room. in the house. From the walls to the trim. Trim is NOT my favorite thing to paint, but it sure looks nice when it’s bright white and fresh looking. I love Simply White by Benjamin Moore in a semi-gloss finish. It’s so beautiful! It will definitely be my go-to trim paint for a long time to come! This past weekend we painted my oldest’s room. Again. We painted it a few years ago with a cheaper store brand and it hasn’t held up well at all. It’s amazing how long a good, quality paint will last and it really doesn’t cost much more at all. Ella’s room was a pretty purple color for a little girl. It was adorable!

Ella's Purple Room

But, now that she’s a little older, she wanted something that looked like a big girl room. Thankfully she wanted a color that went along with the rest of our home – Wales Gray by Benjamin Moore. (I honestly love their paint!)  It’s the perfect blue/gray color. Modern. I love it!

Benjamin Moore Wales Gray

The owners before us put up a chair rail in nearly every room of the house. So, instead of taking all of it down, I’ve decided to just embrace it and paint it a pretty color – like Simply White. After we painted Ella’s room, we went back and painted all the trim and the chair rail. BOY, that takes a lot of time. Thankfully we used a good painters tape to make the job go a little smoother.

Frog Tape

Frog Tape keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp. FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is a premier painters tape, that not only cleanly comes off of surfaces, but also prevents paint bleed thanks to it’s patented PaintBlock® Technology. If you need a painting job done right, you want to use FrogTape®. Frog Tape

FrogTape® Multi-Surface: FrogTape® Multi-Surface is a medium adhesion painter’s tape designed for use on:     • Cured Painted Walls     • Wood Trim     • Glass     • Metal     FrogTape® Multi-surface painter’s tape will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days and seven days in direct sunlight.

Frog Tape   Frog Tape

FrogTape® Delicate Surface: FrogTape® Delicate Surface is a low adhesion painter’s tape designed for use on: • Freshly painted surfaces (24 hours old) • Faux Finishes • Primed Wallboard • Wallpaper FrogTape® Delicate Surface painter’s tape will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 60 days. It’s great to have a nice quality product on hand to help make a job easier! I just love how the room turned out!

Wales Gray Little Girl's Room

I am really happy with it. And the good thing is that the bedding Ella has goes with it. So, we don’t have to rush out and spend more money on bedding to match the paint. Super cute stuff! We still have some decorating to do – in time. But for now, I think this room turned out really great!

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