Have you heard about Fender Play Fender Play is a new online program that teaches new guitar players to play in minutes!

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With hundreds of instructional videos and hands-on exercises, Fender Play walks new players down a learning path based on their musical preferences. We’ve been using it for our kids and they are loving it! And, I love how easy it is to use.

Fender Play

After just a few short lessons, you will be able to learn something new, whether it’s a skill, a recognizable riff or a full song which is really motivating to want to learn more!

Fender Play is the best way to learn guitar because it’s created by curriculum experts and the leading guitar brand, that incorporates fun into learning by breaking things down easily.

You can even customize the curriculum based on your musical preference. What better way to learn than by learning to play your favorite songs?!

My kids think it’s super cool to be able to watch online how to play one of their favorite songs and start to play in minutes. It’s so much fun!

Fender Play also incorporates top-quality 4K multi-camera video production to deliver a clear and unified curriculum, with an aesthetic that aligns to the overall Fender brand.

Among the production elements incorporated for optimum teaching are a split-screen and an over-the-shoulder angle that provides a unique and valuable perspective for the new player and that makes it super easy for someone to learn the right way.

Learning to play guitar is really a great thing for kids! They do well socially – they’re more confident, develop coordination and math skills, concentration and more – all of which are a really great thing at this age, so I’m all on board with helping them in any way I can.

Giving kids the extra confidence they need to pick up a guitar and play well is so amazing!

Fender Play allows users of all ages to:

  • CHOOSE the instruments, songs and genre, putting players in control of their musical journey.
  • TRACK progress, evolution and development in real-time. Players see their progression and milestones through a user-friendly dashboard – the ultimate progress report.
  • STUDY with a proprietary custom video player that shows chord diagrams on the lesson screen.
  • LEARN at their own pace, on-the-go and at their convenience, with the easy portability of laptop or mobile devices. A Wi-Fi or LTE connection is required to access the program.
  • VIEW 4K-quality, multi-camera footage and production elements, such as split screens and over-the-shoulder angles, which provide a valuable perspective for new players. Each clip is short and easy-to-digest, making every moment not only educational, but engaging.
  • ACCESS a large glossary of helpful terms, chords and videos.
  • DISCOVER helpful articles, tips and tricks based on a player’s lessons and learning path.
  • BLAZE a unique trail based on personal taste and discovery, or follow the recommended, custom path; browse by genre or featured artist.
  • LEARN popular songs and riffs! With over 1,000 tips, chords and videos, some skills are taught in less than 2 minutes and it can take only 22 minutes or less for a beginner to play their first recognizable riff.
  • ENGAGE with the Fender Play closed Facebook community, where users can share progress in real time and interact with other players on the guitar-learning journey.

Learn more about the NEW Fender Play by watching the video below!


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