I can hardly believe that the end of the school year is so close! Ella is almost finished with her Kindergarten year and Andrew with his 1st year of preschool and I’m getting ready to have baby #3! Crazy! I have 9 weeks left and 9 weeks to “nest” and get this house and baby gear organized and ready. And since it’s Spring, I feel like I need to get my yard in order, too! Crazy, I know! But, I can hope and try, right? ! I really need a house helper, like my friends who live in an Asian speaking country right now as missionaries. I could get so much done with someone here to assist me all day!

My expanding belly is just starting to get a little uncomfortable and is making things a bit more challenging. It’s like having a big ol’ ball in your stomach and not being able to squish it to bend over to pick up toys, children or even to help the kids in the shower. Tonight I actually had to get on my knees to wash Andrew’s legs. Afterwards, Andrew asked me if my belly was going to get bigger and bigger like a balloon and then pop and the baby would come out. That’s pretty insightful for an almost 4 year old, I’d say! “Yep, it’s kinda like that, Bub, but the doctor helps the baby out.” He was OK with that answer, but still a little freaked out. Since I have had 2 cesareans, I’m lined up for a 3rd. Maybe I’ll get lucky and wake up in active labor and ready to push when I get to the hospital. Not likely, but I’m still praying for it. Join me, won’t you?

I know that I’ll be ready, but it’s so hard to not  get a little panicky with the growing to-do list in my head. I even started re-decoring mine and my husband’s bedroom into a grown-up room and can’t wait to share it with you! It’s becoming a sanctuary since I’m going to be spending a lot of time in there real soon! I haven’t ever had a real adult room. It’s always been whatever I’ve had to furnish it with and I’ve been more focused on the kid’s rooms and other areas of the house that people actually see. But, those spaces are pretty much under control and now it’s my turn! Of course, I still have the new baby’s room to do – but I have plans for it, too that involves either some gorgeous pink bedding from Land of Nod or Pottery Barn Kids and some big, girly poms.

It’s going to be a crazy, busy few weeks around here…but I’m looking forward to getting a lot of things done! Make sure to check back for weekly updates on my growing belly, decorating, school activities A ND giveaways!


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  1. Ric Robinson says:

    What a year! And the best is yet to come!!!

    1. It sure is going to be busier! That’s for sure! haha!!

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