It’s a….

baby girl


Baby #3 will be a sweet baby girl! We are ALL so excited to start planning for a baby sister to join our family. The kids are over the moon and mom and dad are feeling VERY blessed to have seen a very healthy baby on the screen.


We have a short list of names and one in particular that I feel drawn to. I just can’t imagine her being named anything else! But, we’re gonna think on it a bit more just to be certain.

Now…time to start planning!! Ella has already asked when we can go shopping . That’s my girl!

Get ready for more baby updates in the weeks ahead as things are definitely moving and shaking around here!

Yay for pink!!


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  1. I’m with Julie…the girls will outnumber the boys! That’s good odds!! I’m stuck at home with three teenage boys and hubby these days. My girls have grown up and moved out. But, I’m still the Mama and get the deciding vote–at least according to me.

    Good luck and have fun with those darling pink clothes & accessories!!

  2. Congratulations! From now on, all the problems could be decided by the girls in your family:)

  3. Wow! Congratulations! From now on, all the problems could be decided by the girls in your family:)

  4. Can’t wait for another baby to love. Hope your saving for those weddings.

  5. Ric Robinson says:

    Congratulations Kasey and Brian!!! Now, remember…you need to have two more to tie our family (Kasey, Kari, Katie and Eric Robinson) and three more to win. LOL!!!!
    Love you all.

  6. Congratulations Kasey! I’m sure she’ll be as beautiful as her siblings 🙂

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