Instead of leaving Santa cookies this year…why not try these Chocolate Mint Truffles?!

Simple to make and always a hit among young and old alike!


1 pkg Mint Chocolate Oreos
1 pkg Cream Cheese (softened)
Vanilla or Chocolate Almond Bark
Sprinkles (if desired)


1. Crush Oreos with a food processor or by hand in a baggie

2. Mix Oreo crumbs and cream cheese together until well blended

3. Shape into 1″ balls and place on waxed cookie sheet

4. Chill until firm

5. Dip in melted Almond Bark; return to waxed paper-covered baking sheet.
Cover with sprinkles if desired.

6. Chill 1 hour or until firm. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator.


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About Kasey Schwartz

Hi, I’m Kasey, Founder of All Things Mamma – where I am dishing up family favorite recipes that are easy to make with simple, everyday ingredients. Plus – tips and tricks for living your best life!


  1. Belladante@turntothedarksideofchocolate says:

    Yummm…this stimulates my creative juices in many ways, thanks for sharing.

  2. what size cream cheese – 8oz? About how many cookies does this recipe make? Thanks much!

    1. Yes, Jackie…it’s an 8oz cream cheese. I make a couple of dozen truffles with this recipe.

  3. You had me until almond bark, lol! With a nut allergy in the house those would be off limits – I wonder what else I could use instead?

    1. Tenille, I’ve made them with Baker’s semi-sweet and white chocolate before. I really think you could melt any one of your favorite chocolates and they would be good!

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