Fridays are always fun when I’m on Good Day Marketplace! I love it! I am so lucky to be able to spend each Friday sharing recipes, tips, tricks and even learning a few new things myself.

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies on Good Day Marketplace

This week, I made my favorite (and YOUR favorite) Peanut Butter Cup Brownies! This recipe has over 5,000 views this month already! It’s easy and delicious! With the use of a brownie mix and a couple of add ins, this sweet treat can be made in no time! You can also make your favorite brownies from scratch. Either way – it’s going to be great! Check out the recipe here on the blog AND watch me make it in the video below from today’s show!

Next up this week- Self Defense. It’s so important to know how to protect yourself in a situation if an attacker comes at you – either in front of you or from behind. Today I had a chance to learn a couple of new moves from Mark Commean, from Gracie Humaita of Springfield, Illnois.

Good Day Marketplace

Good Day Marketplace

Melanie Streeper and I both demonstrated different moves with Mark. I am really looking forward to taking a self defense for woman class to learn how to protect myself further. I’m also looking into taking my kids to learn how to protect themselves from a stranger. It’s sad and scary that they would need to know such techniques, but I would rather them feel empowered and know how to defend themselves instead of a victim to who knows what. I will keep you all updated on the class I’ll be taking and the kid’s class. In the meantime, check out the segment below from today. I MAY have thrown Mark over my back when he tried to grab me around the neck! Pretty cool to watch!

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Have a  great weekend!


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