When we do birthdays around here, we REALLY do birthdays! I absolutely LOVE to make each child’s day super special by celebrating with family and friends around a special theme. This summer we celebrated Sydney’s 1st birthday and it was soooo fun! We had a shabby chic type theme with lots of pink. I love to make my own food and desserts whenever possible and this year was no different! I made a really cute AND yummy smash cake for Sydney. It was so cute, that I had a friend contact me and tell me that she was having her Wedding Cake made to look like it!

ruffle cake


cake bites

The truth is that making your own cakes isn’t that hard at all. My secret is that I use a cake mix and homemade icing. Shhhhhh…..don’t tell! Now, I do make homemade cakes and cupcakes, too. But, when I want to really focus on the design of the cake, I use a mix. They always turn out moist and delicious and come in any flavor you want! Just a quick scan of Pinterest and you can find inspiration for any 1st Birthday theme you’d like OR you can check out Betty Crocker’s webpage completely dedicated  to 1st Birthday Smash Cakes. Oh the possibilities!! Just look at these adorable cakes!

Cheerio Smash Cake


Confetti Smash Cake


#1 Smash Cake

I just might have to have another baby to be able to make one of these cakes! haha!

Betty Crocker wants to help you have the perfect experience with making your very own 1st Birthday Smash Cake and to help you plan. Check out this infographic with some practical steps to a great cake!

I’d love to hear all about your little one’s first birthday party and if you did a smash cake or not. If you’re planning a party, I’d love to hear what cake you’ll be doing! Be sure to check out Betty Crocker’s webpage all about 1st Birthday cakes! They are adorable!!


DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and I DO love birthday cakes!

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