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When you become a mom, there are so many things you don’t know. You know don’t what it’s like to have a newborn baby – how to feed, hold, swaddle, love – all the things that come along with your 1st born. Thankfully it all comes to you after you’re just thrown into it! But, you may not know about all the changes that will happen to YOU when you become a new mom. Your priorities change. You no longer are looking for the hottest trends for yourself, but for the softest onesies, safest car seats and best daycares. You start to care more about the world we live in and want to make things safe for this new precious baby that’s been entrusted to you to love and care for. Your body changes, too! Your hips widen, your skin and hair which may have once been flawless, may now droop a little or be either more dry and more full, and you may have harder time controlling your bladder. Well, never fear! I’m here to share a few items that will be perfect for you Mom Bag so that you won’t have to guess anymore!

Here’s 5 Items Every New Mom Needs in their bag to help!


1. Moisturizer – A good face and skin moisturizer is a must-have for all new moms. From bags under your eyes to dry hands from all the washing you’ll be doing, chose a good eye cream and whole body moisturizer.


2. Water Bottles – Invest in a few good water bottles. You really need to keep up your hydration to feel great and look great! Aim for 6-8 cups of water a day at the least. It’s so good for you!


3. Bladder Leakage Pads – Nobody wants to talk about it, but bladder leakage happens to most all moms! From laughing to sneezing to running to jumping, your bladder doesn’t hold up as well as it once did after carrying a baby and birth. Thankfully there’s new products on the market that are made to help! See below for info on my favorite product from Poise*!


4. Hand Wipes – From door knobs to changing tables, these wipes will come in handy! There’s always something or someone to clean off! Try my all natural wipes instead of store bought chemical filled wipes! They’re easy to make, safe and cheap!


5. Snacks – I don’t know about you but I’m always starving when I am nursing and taking care of my kiddos! Fill your bag with healthy treats for yourself and your older kids to keep from grabbing junk on the go! Trail mix, fruit and granola bars are great choices!

With just a little planning, navigating the new mom roads can be easier and you won’t hit as many bumps to throw you off course! These 5 Items Every New Mom Needs in their bag should help!!


*When it comes to light leaks, you’ve got a choice: keep worrying or seize your “Poise Moment”. It’s a choice between sticking with what you know or making a simple change with big results! It’s time to take control over your life by getting a handle on the ever so common problem us ladies deal with from time to time, bladder leakage. Try the NEW Poise Thin Shape Moderate Pads! I shopped at Kroger and found them! Click here to save $1.00 on any Poise Liner or Pad, 30-66ct at Kroger until March 13, while supplies last.

Poise Thin Shape Moderate Pads


Poise Thin Shape Moderate Pads




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