I had my 32 week appointment today. I was anxious to go since I had a fall last week. Yes, I fell. In my garage. With a baby in my arms. Down two stairs. ON. MY. STOMACH. Thank God, we are all okay. I instinctively put my arm out in front of me and down by my stomach to break my fall. I can’t believe I didn’t break my arm or crush the 1 year old in my arms, but I didn’t.

When it happened I was kinda in shock. I was on my way to the bus stop with 6 kids and they all just stood there staring. But, then my four year old came up and was so concerned and tried to help me up and asked if  I was okay. I was proud of his kind little heart. I just checked myself and the baby over and we all seemed fine and I headed down the street to the bus stop to pick up Ella. About halfway there, it all hit me and I was so upset. I called my husband, who came home right away and my doctor, who told me signs to watch for and to take it easy and lay down the rest of the day. By the grace of God, everything is fine and my doctor confirmed it today, as well.

Baby is doing great! She’s moving just fine and growing…growing BIG! As of today, I’m 32 weeks along – but measuring 37! WOW! That’s a big ol’ difference. But, my doctor (who’s been a doctor for 30 years) says it’s fine. Baby girl is coming out via a repeat cesarean, my third, a few days before her due day. So, we don’t have to worry about her making it through the birth canal. Hmmmm….OK, I guess. I just hope I make it to D-Day. I’m just positive that because we’ve planned this all out – it will NOT go as planned. My first two were not planned c-sections, and they never came on their own. This one is planned to the max and it will not go that way! Ha! We will see…we will see!

So, as of today, I’m officially 32 weeks measuring 37 weeks. I must just look big and miserable because the patient shuttle driver asked me if I needed a ride from the middle of the parking lot today! It wasn’t far at all. As tempting as it was to hop a ride, I walked. Ask me again in a month Mister, I may just take you up on it!

Here’s a picture of me with Brian and the kids at Ella’s class play last week.

OH well! It’s all baby…right?! I’m sure the black is hiding a lot! I’ll post another belly pic soon!

Tell me…did you measure ahead during your pregnancy? Did your baby come early or on time if you did? Love to hear from you!

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  1. So glad everyone is o.k. Didn’t know about this. Praying for a healthy baby girl. So thankful!!

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